The Unconventional Escape

We always read books or see movies about vampires or werewolves.. etc. but never the fair folk. BUT the fairies you've known from the stories you've heard as a child are not what's really out there. The 16 year old fairy Amber finds out who she really is and struggles to get away with her unconventional forbidden feelings. READ! (NO SPOILERS) :)


6. The Ring Of Emotions


          We walked silently for a couple of minutes where the waves were crashing on the shore and the sand was tickling our feet.

“Whatever I say and how matter how crazy you think I am, just don’t interrupt me ok?” he said with a calm but serious voice.

I nodded as he went on saying, “look Amber, you know that fairies have this tradition were the parents get to choose who their son or daughter is going to marry the day they are born. Have you ever seen the guy you are supposed to marry? Have your parents ever mentioned him?”

“No, I don’t think about it much.  What does that have to do with anything?” I said lifting my chin up to meet his eyes.

“The thing is, it was me. I am the one you are supposed to marry, but your parents regretted their decision and decided to pretend it never happened. They are just selfish enough to keep me suffering in the dark thinking about you. I’ve been watching you for quite a while now. I love how you smell like vanilla. I love the pink freckles on your cheeks that lay there like splashes of paint. I love the way you-“

“Stop please. Don’t flirt with me. If you were the one chosen for me then why did my parents try to separate us from each other? What happened? I mean you’re tall, you’re you know..kind of handsome. And they chose you, not the other way around.”

“Kind of?” he said sarcastically, “don’t rush things. I’m not finished yet. All I know is that people judge you by where you come from, what you are, and how you look. They just couldn’t imagine me loving you, protecting you, being there for you.. Not after they found out what I really am.” He said as he looked down hiding his face from me. I sensed that he was ashamed; ashamed of himself. It's like he was not the same boy I met at the parade; confident and self centered.

No this boy was insecure, vulnerable, and soft.

"What are you? I mean you're a Spero obviously but-"

"Obviously?" he said as he looked up and suddenly his eyes turned bloody red with pupils just like a tiger's and an iris that screamed hell fire.

I gasped and fell down on my ankles as I stumbled upon some pebbles while trying to move away from him. I was aware that I was turning white. Yes even more pale than I already am!! Unfortunately I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you are just like the others, running away from your fears, trying to steer the world in the direction you desire. Can you see past through my eyes?

“What are you?” I said trying to hold back my tears

“My father was a just like you, my mother was part demon. You may say I’m the side effect of unconventional love,” he said as he walked closer and knelt down on his knees right next to me, “besides, it doesn’t matter what I am, the question is who are you. Do you know how to answer that question?”

“I,” I pause a little. Seriously who am I? What if I don’t know how to answer that? What if he knows me more than I know myself? This can’t be. I continued “I am

Amber, a normal teenager who got matched with the wrong person I guess.”

“No you are Amber, the Spero who is meant to weave dreams, who is meant to actually use her powers instead of just creating an illusion that she is just a talentless Spero. You are different!”

Then he reached for my hand and helped me up, and just as he opened his mouth again to continue speaking, the voice of someone interrupted by saying “hmm, you made a new friend I see.”

         From a distance, I saw a woman approach us wearing a sleeveless long coppery satin dress and a big golden pendant. As she came closer, I was able to see how she looked. She was beautiful and it seemed like she belonged to nature! She had sun kissed glowing poreless skin, a delicate nose, and full orange lips with a beauty mark just above the corner of her lip. Seductive. Her eyes were gorgeous! Her dark skin made her hazel eyes stand out and her thick edgy eye brows screamed the word confidence. She had curves in all the right places. From the moment I saw her face I knew that she was a woman with great power.

“Hey honey, mind if I take a lock out of you pretty pink curls? I need it for a spell you see.”

“Don’t you touch her!” he said defensively.

“I was just screwing with her, and don’t worry I won’t touch her. I’m not interested for god’s sake.”

          I nearly froze in my place and I figured out that it would be best if I didn’t say a word. I was able to tell that this lady standing right in front of me was a powerful witch and I really had no intention of getting in any sort of trouble.

“Just leave us alone please.” He sighed.

“You must be really desperate; I haven’t heard you say please since years.”

“She’s the one isn’t she?” she said as she faced me and said to me “you know girl, now I know what demon boy here sees in you. You make him weaker every day. Doesn’t Love make us all weak?”

I looked at her in fear then looked away. Right at that moment, the only thing that was capable of making me feel comfortable was him.

She went on blurting, “It’s very clear that I freaked you out, I was just trying it out honey. You have a lot to learn but until then you have to be able to control your emotions. Here take this ring” she said as she handed me a plane golden ring, “it will keep your color constant no matter how you really feel inside.”

“Uh, thank you.” I said as I took it from her and gave her a sick smile full of fear.

“I will see you when you come back.”

“I don’t think I will” I say

“You will, and very soon.” She said then disappeared into the night sky before I could reply.

I felt my stomach churn, my hands shake, and my legs weaken.

“Andrew, I want to go back home. Actually I need to go back home.”

“Your wish is my command. You know something? You should stop talking too much and start listening to the silence. Listen to your instincts. Please stay in touch with me.”

“I should be asking why, but instead I’m really wondering how?”

“Visit me in my dreams; I give you the permission to do so. You were curious enough to go that parade, you were curious enough to come with me here, can you be curious enough to actually read some of the books in the library and find out all about dream weaving?”

“I will try I promise. But just send me back home. It’s too much. This is all too much.” I fussed. Suddenly, I was light-headed and quick to fall on my feet. I barely registered the fact that it felt like all of the blood was rushing from my head all the way down to my feet in a sudden rush. Little black dots swarmed my vision, the corners of my sight slowly fading into black. I didn't even feel it when I fell as he caught me in his arms. And I didn’t mind at that point as everything blotted out and nothing mattered. All I could think of was the world crashing around me in a messy blur..

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