The Unconventional Escape

We always read books or see movies about vampires or werewolves.. etc. but never the fair folk. BUT the fairies you've known from the stories you've heard as a child are not what's really out there. The 16 year old fairy Amber finds out who she really is and struggles to get away with her unconventional forbidden feelings. READ! (NO SPOILERS) :)


5. Sunset Walk

          Something about him made me unable to fight his request. It’s like he had a magnetic force pulling me and an urge to know the unknown. He was just so sure of himself, the way he moved with swiftness, the way he talked without any sign of hesitation, the way he walked like he was not afraid of anything..

          One second I was standing in the middle of a crowd with this creepy boy pulling me and the other I found myself laying on the salty sand of the beach. I sat up and looked around for him but the view of the waves crashing on the shore and the flaming sun setting stopped me and took my breath away. The sky was ablaze with color….fiery orange and searing red reflecting on the surface of the mirror like water. The sun was slowly sinking into the sea making the sky cool with the indigo of the night. It was more beautiful than my mere words are capable of describing.

           I started to wonder…

Maybe the waves crash on the shore to wash away the pain that the flaming sun filled it with. Maybe the waves try to reach the shore so it could whisper all those words it was too afraid to speak before. Maybe the waves rock back and forth because they are afraid of getting too attached and afraid of getting hurt. Maybe the sea looks blue because it’s always crying in despair and maybe the shore’s so pale because it can’t feel anymore after all that it had been through in the past. Maybe the moon goes up after the sun goes down before it is ashamed of being seen with the sun. Maybe the sun shines so bright because it has been burned in the past. Maybe the sun calls the stars in the morning but they never show up.

Maybe… And maybe not.

As I was lost in thought, the boy with the black hair came from behind me and said, “Isn’t the view amazing?”

I nearly jumped out of my place then turned to face him and scolded, “What the heck, just because I agreed to come with you, doesn’t mean you could enter my personal bubble okay?”

“Very tough.” He said as he smiled mockingly.

“Shut up! Don’t talk to me like that!” I nagged.

“I didn’t even do anything, control your temper. By the way my name’s Andrew.” He said as he inhaled in large amounts of air to calm himself down.

“I didn’t ask for your name!”

“Your cheeks are turning red! Can you calm down?!!” he shouted at last. He seemed to be able to control his temper better than I could, but not for long.

“I am calm,” I said with a lower tone, “can you please tell me how you know my name and what you meant with what you were saying to me?”

“Of course I can. Let’s walk.”

I walk with him without saying a word. I can’t believe I just dragged myself to the middle of nowhere with a guy I don’t know. Actually, I know his name but still! 

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