The Unconventional Escape

We always read books or see movies about vampires or werewolves.. etc. but never the fair folk. BUT the fairies you've known from the stories you've heard as a child are not what's really out there. The 16 year old fairy Amber finds out who she really is and struggles to get away with her unconventional forbidden feelings. READ! (NO SPOILERS) :)


10. Satan's Embroidery


          My parents had to go out of town for a week so they could get a lot of fairy dust that would be enough for the whole following year, and as always they left me here by myself wondering what it’s like to get fairy dust.

          I sat on the wooden floor of my bedroom leaning my back against my bed and thought about him. I thought about everything that he had told me; he told me I could control time. I wondered how I can do that. Maybe what happened yesterday with Kendra and me was not unexplainable after all. Immediately, I looked at the clock that was hung on the wall and focused. I wanted the hours to go by faster, I wanted him to come over and make me feel like my existence had a propose. I wanted him to tell me more about everything; I wanted him to teach me what love is. And suddenly the clock’s hands started spinning faster and faster till it became 10 pm and the room was dark. I made it! I sped up the time! I looked down on my hands and felt scared yet excited because this power can really make life much easier. But unfortunately, I was still in my pajamas and I needed to change because in less than an hour Andrew was going to come over. I took advantage of the fact that my parents weren’t in town and put a song on loud speaker as I opened my closet and picked out what I was going to wear.

          I slipped on the most simple light blue sun dress ever and spun around in it. It felt comfortable but cute in my opinion. I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard. I turned away from the mirror to get my necklace which had a tiny sun flower on it on to find that witch I met the other day sitting on my bed and playing with my dream catcher.

“Boo!” she said giggling.

“What the hell? How did you get here? Don’t you know how to nock?”

“I can get in and out whenever I want. Andrew told me about the mark you have. Can I see it?”

“Umm, isn’t he coming?”

“Of course he is; he doesn’t know I’m here.”

“Yeah well that’s exactly why you are leaving right away.” I replied as I rolled my eyes and gestured for her to get out.

“As you wish. By the way I might be able to strip that mark off of you, but I guess you won’t be in need of my services.” she said as she got up and walked through the door.

“Wait a second, I didn’t mean to kick you out. What do you know about my mark?” I asked as I held the bedroom door.

“Right now….NOTHING. I need to see it first and that’s why I need you to take off your clothes and lay on the bed”

“Excuse me?” I argued

“What, do you think I have x-ray eyes or something? I’m not going to bite you. I have to find the mark since I’m sure you don’t even know where it is.”

I unzipped my dress and lay on the bed just as she asked me to do. Then she came closer and started examining my bare body; she looked at every angle and every flaw there was on my body. It was like she was studying a map or connecting dots to form constellations. And as she was busy looking for a sign I asked her “what’s your name?”

“Call me Cassandra” she replied looking at me then looking at my body again. She moved her hand down my spine as I tried to act as comfortable and natural as possible.

“I was just wondering, do you and Andrew have something going on between you?” I asked hesitantly.

She moved her hands that were full of golden rings away from me and burst out laughing.

“Oh honey, I’m twice his age. He lives with me and I look out for him. You could consider me as the mother he never had.”

“Why what happened to his mother?” I asked then regretted it because her voice changed and she was no longer smiling.

“The same thing that happens to the ones who are different. The same thing that happens when close minded people catch demons; she was sent back to the pit my darling.”

I didn’t dare say another word; it felt wrong asking personal questions like these. It’s not your business I reminded myself.


          After that, Cassandra took off the golden ring she gave me earlier from my finger and there it was! There was a faded mark on my finger where the ring was. It was so small and I had to look closely in order to see it properly. It was basically a circle, inside the circle there was a heart that fit the circle exactly, and a star was drawn over the heart, over lapping the lines of the heart. I was almost sure it had something to do with Satan. Did my parents really hire a devil to do this to me? I was really shocked because I’ve never saw it until now. I looked at my hand then back again at Cassandra and she seemed to be just as lost as I was.

“How come I have never seen it before?” I inquired.

“Well clearly your parents wanted it hidden. Sometimes our eyes can only see what we already know. I’m afraid that the one who put it on you is a demon, therefore its power could only be destroyed by the demon that put it on you in the first place.” And just as I was about to reply, someone appeared by the open door of my bedroom. It was Andrew.

“I’m here,” he said then he turned around with the speed of light as soon as he saw me and added, “I’m sorry I didn’t know you two were…Just forget it I’ll wait by the stairs.” He said then sat on one of the steps of the stairs. I zipped my dress really fast and without even asking, Cassandra turned into thin air. I followed Andrew and when he saw me this time he stood up and said with a soft tone “you’re beautiful.” 

I was grateful that he didn’t ask about what Cassandra was doing or why I was undressed a minute ago. But that didn’t last for long.

 “Why was Cassandra here?  Let alone why she was talking to you whilst being undressed,” he asked then smiled, “not that I saw anything.”

At that moment, I was blushing so much that I think the power of the ring wasn’t able to hide it anymore.

“She was just looking for the mark. We found it see?” I said as took off the ring and showed him my finger enthusiastically.

“I’ve seen that before!” he replied in surprise, “I will figure this out don’t worry about it, but for the time being I’m going to give you a reason to like me. Where would you like to go Amberlyn?”

“Don’t call me that! I don’t think I should be going out with you in the middle of the night, but again I shouldn’t be doing anything I’m doing” I replied.

“I can take you anywhere you want. Tell me where you’ve always wanted to go and I’ll take you.”

Venice. The human world VENICE!” I replied with sparkly eyes. I didn’t even think about it. It was a direct fast confident straight answer.

He took out a small scratched coppery round case and opened it. I thought it was a compass but soon enough I figured out that he was saying some sort of spell and a portal was opened right next to me.

“Shall we go fair lady?” he said as he held his hand out to me and pulled me into the portal with him. 

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