The Unconventional Escape

We always read books or see movies about vampires or werewolves.. etc. but never the fair folk. BUT the fairies you've known from the stories you've heard as a child are not what's really out there. The 16 year old fairy Amber finds out who she really is and struggles to get away with her unconventional forbidden feelings. READ! (NO SPOILERS) :)


9. In Your Dreams


          “You made it; you came. I must say I’m impressed,” he said as he approached me calmly, “I bet you spent a lot of time trying to imagine a typical Andrew dream but you never noticed that you are my happiest dream. When I see you I am happy, it doesn’t matter where or how” He said as he looked into my eyes and his pupils grew wider. He exposed his real demon eyes and at that point I was thankful that the ring I was wearing hid my emotions. His eyes were raging with passion and desire, but most of all pain.

I broke the silence by saying “we don’t have all the time in the world. Tell me all that I need to know.”

“Actually, we’ve got all the time in the world thanks to you. You see the thing is, after your parents acknowledged your ability of controlling time  and some of human’s actions, they believed that my touch as a child gave you all these powers. But instead of embracing them they suspected that they were all dark forces therefore they decided to take action. How? By hiding from me and everyone who ever knew me and by marking you with a mark that made you lose all of your memories and protect you from whoever tries to love you, you know by burning them into ashes, which is also why I haven’t kissed you till now,” I blushed then tilted my face as he continued, “Anyway, back to my point, I bet you don’t remember anything from your childhood.”


“Forget about my stupid childhood! Are you saying I could never love anyone?” I exploded.

“Well of course you can, you just can’t put it into action,” he winked, “But after all, we’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Everything else is just an illusion.”

“I can’t go on this way; I mean what if I fall in love with you?”

“Have you?” he raised his eyebrows.

“I said what if! There must be a way to fix this! What kind of parent does this to their child? Do they really want me to grow old and die lonely?”

“The kind that knows what love really does to a person.”

And that’s when I just stared right into his eyes silently as the waves roared next to us.

“Is there anything I can do about it?” I asked him with a voice that was barely heard.

“Yes, yes there is, but I don’t want you to leave me. If I give you what you want you’ll not need to see me anymore and you’ll love someone else.”

“You haven’t given me any reason to hate you, but you also haven’t given me any reason to love you.” I say with a sure tone.

He didn’t reply, instead he held my hand and told me “you have to go back now. Meet me again tomorrow?” he said

“I can’t keep visiting you in your dreams you know..” I say trying to sound as if I don’t really care.

“I could visit you, but I can only weave nightmares.” He said with a pitiful voice.

“Then how about you meet me during the day? You know like normal Speroes do.”

“Have you not been listening to a word I said before?”

“Come on,” I nagged, “come over to my place at 10 pm, I will figure this out. You can trust me I promise!”

“Oh well, what have I got to lose?” he said as he smirked at me. He removed his hair from his eyes and held my face, “that ring you are wearing doesn’t just hide your emotions but it can also tell you where to find me.”

He put his hand away from me and looked down to his feet as he tossed the sand.

“Bye Andrew. I,” I didn’t want to give him an intuition that I liked him or that I was very desperate and fond of seeing him because I couldn’t actually like him even if I wanted to so I went on by saying, “Actually never mind.”

“Don’t worry I got what you were trying to say,” he said as he winked at me

“Hahaha in your dreams!” I answered playfully

“Well we are literally in my dream. Farewell my fair fere, until tomorrow shall we part.”

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