Broken But Saved

Astrid- I saved him but he'll never notice it.
Robin- I saved her but she'll never know.

They both met as strangers. They both became best friends despite their differences. They both fell in love,despite the distances between them. But will they overcome the obstacles? Or will they end the huge amount of sparks they have?




I woke up to the sound of the vibrating noise of my phone,wondering who it could be, I saw a lot of notifications and only one caught my eyes. It's from Instagram.

The girl followed me back! I viewed her profile again,she hasn't got that much followers but she followed a lot of people and fandom pages. She updated a lot of selfies too! I scrolled down,she is beautiful but how come no one commented on this picture? I double tapped the picture with the caption 'Lazy Saturday' she looks so pretty when she smiled.

I scrolled again,double tapping on most of her pictures. I commented "hey cutie" on one of her selfies. Would that be so weird? I haven't tried talking to someone who I just met online,but I'm willing to take the risk as long as she doesn't mind me stalking her.

I put my phone down and went out. I went to the kitchen and open the fridge to get myself some soda. My sister Nicole was in the living room. I sneaked up behind her and said,"you're up early!" She jumped at it and I laughed. She rolled her eyes as I went back to my room.

I put my earpieces into my ears,playing Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings and fell asleep again


We went out for a little shopping since our next flight to England would be at 1am,we went to the underground stores which linked to other department stores.

But among all of those branded shops,there's only one that caught my eyes. The place where I call 'paradise' but most people would call it the 'bookstore'.

While the others went shopping,I snuck into the bookstore and pick up a few books and instantly ran to the cashier and paid off a few novels. After that I went out and sat on the bench and plug my earpieces and listened to The Last Time by Taylor Swift ft Snow Patrol.

I checked my Instagram account,seeing that there's a lot of people spamming my photos,including the dude who I thought was cute. I scrolled down on the News page,I clicked on the photo that he commented.

"Hey cutie," that's what he says on my selfie that no one actually liked. I always wanted to delete that photo but never get the chance to and even if I did,I won't remember.

"Thanks! But why would you comment on this picture? I've got a lot of other selfies that are way better,but why this one?" I commented back and then I viewed his profile. He is cute I thought to myself.

"Who's that Princess?" Asked my dad. I was startled. "He is just some random guy who followed me on Instagram dad,he is just someone I met," I said with a smile. "Hmm,someone you just met but stalked him already?" My dad said. I chuckled and said,"I was just checking not stalking dad,come on! They are done,I wanna go back to the hotel." I got up and walked towards my cousins. Our parents joined us from behind.

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