Broken But Saved

Astrid- I saved him but he'll never notice it.
Robin- I saved her but she'll never know.

They both met as strangers. They both became best friends despite their differences. They both fell in love,despite the distances between them. But will they overcome the obstacles? Or will they end the huge amount of sparks they have?



As we arrived at the airport,I saw my friends standing,I rushed out to them and hugged them. "Why are you crying? It's not like you are going away for long," Fizah said. "Yeah but I wish I could bring you all with me," I said. They all gave me a smile. "It's alright,I have to go to India though and I won't be back until January," said Iqra.

"And I have to go to the gym," Fizah said. Before I could respond, an announcement came,saying that I am supposed to be boarding. I saw my cousins and her family,they were coming this way and took me. I hugged my best friends for the last time and board the plane.

I took my seat as quickly as I can. It took me while to to know that I'm actually sitting between me,they are probably my age and the girl is damn lucky. Her boyfriend sat next to my right while herself is sitting on my left.

I put my earpieces into my ears,I put on my seatbelt as I listen to How To Save A Life by the Frays. I hold on to the small pillow and closed my eyes as we took off.


I can't sleep. As much as I turned and turned, I can't. My eyes are telling me to rest but my mind is telling me that it is still early and i have to at least do something productive.

I then paced back and forth in my room,trying not to feel the pain of losing Kelly. All good that's done! I checked my phone,hoping to find a voicemail or a text and notifications from my social networking sites. So much for high expectations.

I turned off my phone and tried to sleep. This time,I fell asleep to the sounds of waves that I imagined. Thinking what would it be like to have someone caring around.

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