Broken But Saved

Astrid- I saved him but he'll never notice it.
Robin- I saved her but she'll never know.

They both met as strangers. They both became best friends despite their differences. They both fell in love,despite the distances between them. But will they overcome the obstacles? Or will they end the huge amount of sparks they have?



What does it matter? Girls only liked bad boys cause of their appearance,they never appreciate the heart. Sure,bad boys are rebel but not all of them. Kelly was never the girl I was searching for anyway.

She is sure right for James. James was my best friend. I started to get to know him from Nicole but who am I kidding? Friends come and go and it wasn't my fault. I'm so sure that it wasn't my fault that all this happened. It was him, it has to be him. Always. I turned sideways and plugged in my earpiece and closed my eyes.


I just realized that I fell asleep on the couch of my balcony. I looked around, and it's dawn. The sunrise looked amazing,I love the colors that it showed. I went back into my room and sighed as I saw the luggage on the floor,it hasn't been closed yet and this is going to be a long holiday.

My brother bursted into my room in his onesies,it looked cute on him. He screamed,"Wake up! We are going to miss the flight if we don't hurry!" I moaned at him and asked him to leave and he did.

I took a shower quickly and zip my luggage. I took out my H&M skinny jeans,my floral tank top and I tied my hair into a bun. I took out my leopard printed cardigan and wore it. I sighed as I saw myself in the mirror. This is as good as it's gonna get,I thought to myself.

I can hear the cars honking. I shrugged and start to pull my luggage out the door and start dragging it downstairs. "Have you packed everything Trid?" My mother asked. Trid, the nickname that my parents gave me when I was just a little girl. I smile and nodded. We were all settled and headed for the airport .

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