Broken But Saved

Astrid- I saved him but he'll never notice it.
Robin- I saved her but she'll never know.

They both met as strangers. They both became best friends despite their differences. They both fell in love,despite the distances between them. But will they overcome the obstacles? Or will they end the huge amount of sparks they have?


2. Just the beginning..


My jaw dropped as they announced. Everybody suddenly stopped eating,lowering down their knives and forks. No one knew that this would happen. England? That's where we are going? Really?

"Mum? When did you say we're leaving?" I asked as I turned to face my brother across the dining table. His face is covered with crumbs of food. "We are leaving tomorrow afternoon,no exceptions," Mum said. When will this end? I already volunteered for the Animal shelter and the town's annual Winter wonderland Fair.

We all nodded in agreement,even my brother didn't bother to argue cause every holiday,mum has to pick the places we are going to travel to. I never liked the cold weather. But I won't want to complain I know how hard mum and dad works,plus as much as I want to stay for the holidays,it might be nice to get out of this country and start my life fresh.

I started packing for the trip as my best friends came through the door one by one. "England huh?" Hafizah asked. I nodded as I turned to look at them. They were all silent. This year was supposed to be our year. We all went to a All Girls' School,so even though we don't have a Prom,we enjoyed each other's company. But Iqra is going back to India,her a year older sister Aeman,is going to stay for her AS Examinations, Shirley is going to stay to find a job and Hafizah said that there's nothing to do but to fangirl about the Sherlock series.

Now,I am going away again. There goes our best friends holiday plans! I sighed. They helped me pack and then we headed for the theaters. Insidious 2 was released just yesterday,so we decided to watch it.

"So how's you and Josh?" Iqra asked as we were waiting for the cinemas to be opened, "I don't know, we broke up last night," I replied. They were all gasping and Shirley's jaw dropped. "What happened?" Aeman asked. I told them that I decided to broke it off, well it's not a lie, I did want to break up with him in a long time but he didn't want to,so I kept the relationship going.

I know I sounded like I'm too selfish but the truth is,I do love him. We started dating about 2 years ago, I met him in the Mall. I fell for him instantly and since that day,we became a couple. We broke up because I found out that he was lying,some of my classmates told me that he went out with a girl and then when I asked him,he made up some lame excuses that I fell for it.

When it happened again,I decided to break it off. It was painful,too painful actually because the girl who he was currently dating is someone who is against me,so for short 'my enemy'.

They were all shocked and before I could say anything to their responds,we went into the cinema and watched the movie. Damn! That movie was scary,it was scarier than the first one. But I had fun.

Finally, I reached my house or some people liked to call it 'Le Mansion'. I went up to my room and finished packing. My brother was asleep in the Tv room. I sighed as I went back to my room and headed for the balcony. Thinking how it would be like to fall in love with someone who really cares.. That's when I thought that it was the end of my personal life. But boy,I was wrong.


I scroll down on my Instagram notifications,there were a lot of comments on my recent photos. Most of my followers thought that I'm 'perf' which was the short and lazy term that girls nowadays used to say 'perfect'.

I went to search for new people and I found someone whose username was 'thextremefangirl'. I clicked to see who this person is and what type of fandom she was into and apparently, she's into Harry Potter,Lord of the Rings,Once upon a Time and books.

Wow, this girl really needs to go out more although she has a beautiful face,she is a fangirl? Never heard of this girl but her followers has reached more than 100. I followed her,waiting for her to accept and follow me back, still waiting and waiting and waiting.

I really need a new life,even I knew that I wasn't the same person I was before. Ever since I left Kelly last year, I've changed even Nicole realized it.

I can't believed that I got played though,and it hurts me so bad. I went into my room and laid down on my bed,thinking what it's like to be with someone who is loving, a girl who would never leave me for someone who is more attractive than me.

Yeah, I was cute. That's what all the girls would say but they just don't know the real me, they don't know what I've been through. I wonder if there's someone out there who would accept me for who I am-- the bad boy who cares.

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