The Unexpected

~ the unexpected
Hayley had the perfect life, she was popular, had the perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend, Luke, and the perfect parents. But what happens when Hayley's mom unexpectedly dies??

Sorry guys I am no longer enjoying writing this book, so I have decided I am going to unpublish this book and may start writing it again later on this year.

I am now writhing another book .........
Was I a mistake but it's not published yet as I want to write a few chapters first so check during February plz


6. 4: I'm sorry

A/N: Hey my little marshmallows, sorry for another authors note. i saw I had 3 new favourites and 5 new fans so I will be trying to update update 12 new chapters by the 25th of January to the first of February and thank you to the people that did like, comment and favourite this book and also a very big thank you to those that now are a fan of me!!! Please tell your friends about this book and if you haven't already like, favourited or became a fan of me please do so now. Love you

Matts POV

I got a call from Debra and instantly got concerned as she only calls me when there is an emergency, I answered the call already sweating at what she would throw at me now. 'Hello' i said sort of questioning her, 'Matt' she replied sounding relieved, 'I need you to come meet me at my house now, it's about Christi' she continued rushing the sentence sounding worried, 'umm, sure I will be there in about 15 minutes' I replied to her concerned and confused 'thanks, I will see you then' she ended the call relieved. I quickly got in the car and when I got on the main road I saw that the first 2 lanes to Debra's house were blocked. I came to the last street that i have been forbidden to go down as it is the street Christi's mum died down.

I pulled over and hesitated to go down the road and soon i decided to turn the corner to drive down the street. Once I rounded the corner onto the road I was absolutely horrified, there had been a massive crash that would've only happened an hour or so ago. I looked over to the car that was mostly damaged, it was a red Holden which was covered with a thousand dents and was crushed into a very small figure. I didn't allow myself to believe that the car was owned by Christi, I then turned to look across the road at the silver jeep, it wasn't anywhere near as damaged as the red car. Next to the jeep stood a tallish honey brunette girl with a smirk on her face as she watched the ambulance take the person who was in the red car away, I sweat I have seen her before, but I don't know where.

I finally pulled up at the drive way of Debra's house, I sat in the car for 5 minutes just thinking of the worst things that could happen when talking to Debra. I finally got out of the car after negotiating with myself, I walked up the drive way that seemed to go on forever and then got up to the door and knocked on it, once the door opened it revealed Debra who was upset and crying. She let me in and we had a coffee and talked in the lounge.

'Heres your coffee' Debra said with a warm but slightly weak smile, 'thanks, and what exactly did you want to talk to me about' I asked, 'it's about your wife, Christi' she said a nervously, 'you have probably seen the crash that happened down the road, right' she continued shaking. Little flashback images came back from the crash I saw down that road. 'Yes the crash with the red and silver car on discovery drive' I replied, 'i .... Umm saw .... The red car was ..... Ummm .... Christi's' he said getting more and more nervous as she continued the sentence. I started to cry and I cursed myself under my breath. 'I knew it, and it's all my fault' I said with years in my eyes, 'no, it's not, Christi called me saying she was going to come over and then once an hour passed I started to get worried so I went looking for her, and then I saw we car, and well I asked the police what happened and he showed me this' she said calming me down while holding up Christi's drivers licence.

I was in complete shock, I quickly left the room after thanking her for the news and for the coffee. I hopped in my car and called the girls schools to let them know I was coming to pick them up then I told their principles a bit about why I need them home.

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