The Unexpected

~ the unexpected
Hayley had the perfect life, she was popular, had the perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend, Luke, and the perfect parents. But what happens when Hayley's mom unexpectedly dies??

Sorry guys I am no longer enjoying writing this book, so I have decided I am going to unpublish this book and may start writing it again later on this year.

I am now writhing another book .........
Was I a mistake but it's not published yet as I want to write a few chapters first so check during February plz


4. 3: the same road

Christy's POV:

I drove the girls to school and was going to turn around to go home but I couldn't after that argument with Matt, so I drove further down the road and got a coffee and a chocolate chip muffin at Starbucks. I ate then decided to drive to my friend Debra's house and catch up with her. I have been best friends with Debra since year 9 and we have done everything together since, she has helped me with all the down hills in my life and has created great times with me. I called her and told her I will be there in about 20 and will buy some snacks for us on the way. After going to the shops I headed towards her house.

I was about to go down the road that is fastest to get to her house but then I saw it was blocked by a whole heap of cars, why are there soo many cars, I thought to myself. I turned to go down the 2nd fastest road when I saw what I assumed was all the people who owned the cars down the other street crowded around a carnival float. Great, now I need to go down a road I haven't been down for years, I thought to myself. It was the street my mum died in when she was with me driving to Debra's house when I was about to go into grade 10. I turned to go down the street and I heard my phone ring, I looked around in my purse and found my phone I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Debra, so I answered it. I looked back up to the road as a fast car was heading my way. I moved to the wrong side of the road as it was in the side I was meant to be in but it followed me over I went to go back over to the other side but then, bang I felt the airbag come out of the steering wheel and hit me as I was being pushed all through the car until finally everything went black and I didn't feel a thing.

Debra's POV:

Once Christi picked up the phone I got a wave of worry run through my body, I first heard a few burn outs like spinning of tyres then I heard a loud bang followed after many loud movements and shiftings of the phone finally I heard the line go dead. I was confused by the phone call but then after an hours time since she first called me I got worried and went out to look for her. I first went down my street to find many cars at least 100 taking up the whole road, so then after about another 5 minutes of driving I made it to the second street which was filled with what I assumed was the people that owned the cars down the other street. I didn't want to go down the last street but I had to, I just hoped she wasn't down there though. The street that I finally went down was the road that her mum died in a car crash in year 10, she didn't take it very we'll especially because her and her mum were so close.

I turned the corner hoping not to see Christi down this street, but insead I saw 2 ambulance vans 1 firefighters truck and 3 police cars surrounding one red Holden that looked a lot liked the one christi had when she last came up here a year and a bit ago. I asked one of the six police what happened down this road, his response was absolutely horrible. He showed me a drivers license that was owned by Christi Phillips and said that she died during a car crash about an hour ago, the other car that was in the accident was this silver jeep the same one that killed Christi's mum. That is what all noise was in the phone call and then when she didn't come it's because she died and the same car that was in the accident that her mum was in, the same number plate and everything.

I called Matt and let him know about the things that I saw and he said he would be here in about 15 minutes. Once he came we had coffee at mine and discussed how we would tell the girls, but I left out one fact the car in the accident with Christi was the car that was in the accident with Her mum, and I have a bad feeling that someone or sow family was purposely killing the Phillips women and I need to find out who an why because the next on the list is Hayley and she is like another daughter to me and now that her mother is in this position I have to be there for her.

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