The Unexpected

~ the unexpected
Hayley had the perfect life, she was popular, had the perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend, Luke, and the perfect parents. But what happens when Hayley's mom unexpectedly dies??

Sorry guys I am no longer enjoying writing this book, so I have decided I am going to unpublish this book and may start writing it again later on this year.

I am now writhing another book .........
Was I a mistake but it's not published yet as I want to write a few chapters first so check during February plz


1. 1: my perfect life

Hayley's POV

'Hayley get up', my mum (Christi) called from down stairs, 'holidays are over and no excuses, you are going to school', she yelled again. I got up opening my blinds letting the beautiful sunlight shine through my room and create light in it, making it easier to see. I got in the shower and let the warm water run over my body waking me up a little more. I hoped out and wrapped a towel around my body and another around my head, as I brushed my teeth. I did my make-up, then got dressed into my favourite blue waist high, buttoned up shorts, with a white singlet tucked into the shorts, and over the top a black cardigan.

I took the towel off my head, then blow dried my light brown hair, letting it fall into its natural wave, then to top off my look for the day I pulled my hair into a loose side braid, comfortable and stylish. I looked in the mirror one more time, satisfied with myself. I grabbed my iPhone 5, then looked at the clock on it, the time read 7:08. I now have around 10 minutes before I have to leave for school. I grabbed my shoulder bag then went downstairs, then put my phone in my back pocket.

I headed down stairs and saw my mom in the kitchen, she was putting bacon and eggs on a plate. I sat down as she pushed the plate in front of me. 'Mmmm, my favourite, thanks mom' I said. I quickly devoured the food then thanked my mom again, 'quickly head off to school' my mom said, 'I will put those away for you, now hurry you don't want to be late', mom continued. 'Bye mom', I said whilst I gave her kiss on the cheek, 'bye Taylor, bye dad', I called out to my younger sister and my dad.

As I was about to open the front door Taylor called out, 'wait, Hayley, wait', she repeated as she ran down the stairs. I turned to see her emerald green eyes shine with joy, 'I got something for you', she said while bringing her hands out from behind her back, revealing a beautiful gold chain necklace, with a green emerald in a swirly cage, hanging from the middle of the chain. 'It's beautiful Tay', I gasped, 'I made it for you' she replied, 'thanks, I got to get going I'm gonna be late if I don't leave now' I said quickly. I gave her a hug and with that I left for school.

As I was walking, I met up with my boyfriend, Luke, around halfway. He has already told me about his holiday and I haven't even told him about my stay in Australia. We are now around 10 minutes away from school and almost at our starting point of our daily race.

'We're here', I said as we got in our racing positions. Every day before school we would run for the last 3-5 minutes and then he would always win the race, but I'm not quite sure this time. 'Get ready,get set, GO!!!!', he screamed out to begin the race. We were nearly at the school gates and he was in the lead when I tripped over and hurt my left ankle.

'Ahhh', I cried out in pain as I tried to stand up, 'are you okay, babe?' Luke called out to me, 'no I can't stand up, it hurts really bad' I replied. He put me on his back and carried me the rest of the way to school, it was kidish but cute. 'Finally were here', Luke said as we entered the school gates, 'you way more than a truck', he giggled. He took me to the nurses office and say in the chair beside the bed in mrs Slovaks (the nurses) office.

As mrs Slovak investigated on my foot she said 'it's not broken this time, just badly sprained'. I came in here a lot due to the fact that I'm one of the clumsiest people you will ever meet. She left the room and Luke came and sat beside me, 'are you okay', he asks worriedly, 'yeah, I'm fine, just my ankle is throbbing' I replied, 'I will get you some ice' he said then walked to the freezer across the room. He came back over to the bed and gently put the ice pack on my injured foot then pecked my lips softly.

'Hayley you need to were these for the next few days, and then hopefully your foot would be better to walk on', mrs Slovak said as she walked back in and gave me crutches. 'Thanks' I replied and hopped out of the nurses room with the feeling that the rest of the year wouldn't get any better.

Emma's POV

It's my first day at Miami high and I was hoping for at least one of my classes today I will have someone I know in the class. As I was about to walk into English I saw my ex kissing some girl on crutches. I hide behind the lockers and watched to see who this mystery girl was. Once they pulled away the girls face was revealed, and if course it was no other than Hayley Higgins, she was my best friend before I had to leave to go live with my mum and brother in England, but now that he is off touring around the world I thought I might come back here for the rest of this year and the next.

Soon enough they walked away and Hayley walked into what appeared to also be my class, yay, I have one friend in English!!I waited a while before I walked in, then as I showed my dace at the door Hayley was the first one to look at me, she ran up to me almost tackling me over, her face was priceless, I have never seen her this happy before. I sat down next to her and we caught up and organised to meet each other tomorrow afternoon at her house.

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