Christmas .

Every people love Christmas , for me ... The answer is NOT !


2. Waiting for Result .

Haiz . 

Christmas is in no time . 

Everywhere is decorated .

The atmosphere is different .

I went Mini Market by walking , I saw a big Christmas tree at the in front of the Mini Market . 

I saw a cool thing .

The bustling crowd of families and bubbly voices of children merry making were another usual sight in my city . 

Because , Christmas is coming soon . 

Silly grin was plastered at children's cherubic face . 

They are nave .


For me , I am waiting for my result . 

Every year , my result will publish around the Christmas Day . 

Thus , I hate Christmas Day . 

If I pass with flying colours result in my examinations , I will celebrate in grand style with my buddies . 

If that's not , I will just stay at home . 

Watching movies . 

And munching junk food . 

That's why , I am getting heavier and heavier . 

My friend said , I look plump . 

Yet , I tell them .

I am muscular men . 

I just try to console my ' little heart ' .




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