Christmas .

Every people love Christmas , for me ... The answer is NOT !


4. Celebrate with sisters .


A beautiful morning . 

Yesterday , I was suffering for insomnia . 

The cloud moseyed across the cerulean sky . 

The Sun pierced the vast blue sky .

AH !!!

I stretched my body to let me feel better . 


I got a beautiful result at my examinations .

That's time to let us celebrate . 

A good day !
My elder sister brought us to the restaurant for a BIG CELEBRATION .

Nothing is better than this . 


When I stepped into the restaurant , I could there are lots of BELL and CHRISTMAS TREE .

I could feel the atmosphere of Christmas .

I could feel the aroma smell permeated in the kitchen .

How good it was .

After that , we ordered some food 

The waitress sent me the food politely .

We had the sumptuous dinner .

We were walking on air .


Thanks everything . Everything is gonna be awesome ! 




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