White Fantasy

The fantasy that we all own, but not all achive.


1. White Fantasy

”Snow White” – He said,

Making me look at him with wonder. Snow White?

His grin, only made me wonder more, but before I had any chance to questioning him, I felt a slight pull in my hand, and I let him draw me further into the snowy world around us.


Somehow, I could only smile at this magic-ish world, that was like; drawn out of a fairytale. A world, quiet and beautiful, with its own kind of warmth. With him near me, the loneliness I had felt my entire life, had in an instant vanished.

     I felt flutter in my heart. I felt my cheeks blush. And I found myself only being able to smile, every time, my green eyes met his blue. His hand in mine was calming and right, as if these hands where meant to hold each other.


Enchanted by this world, his world, I didn’t realize how he had drawn me closer to himself, laying an arm around me, and holding me close. Not that it took me long to vanish into his deep mesmerizing blue eyes. That grin again huh? I found myself giving him a gentle push, which only made him laugh even more. Somehow, it didn’t irritate me, even thought I had been laugh at my entire life. But this, the warmt in his laughter, secured me, that this wasn’t the same as that.

     Then, he stopped laughing. And again, those words left his lips; “Snow White”.


He was so serious in his words. Something that was kind of scary, yet settling. He seemed sure, even though I still had my doubts. I had never been anything to anyone. Did I even deserve this fantasy?

     He reacted to my thoughts as if he knew every self hating word that had ever crossed my mind. Released my hand, only, to put those strong arms around me, and give me a light spin, lifting my mood by an instant. As I felt the ground under my feet again, so felt I him, holding me close. Not letting go. “Snow White”, he once again whispered me. Still making me wonder what he meant. Yet, I was at the point where it didn’t matter.

     In minutes, he had lifted my world and given me a sight and a feeling, I had never thought I would experience. No matter how real, or unreal. This was the world I wanted to live in. With him.


So I didn’t ask the question as to what he meant. Mostly, because, I knew, I did not look as the Snow White every child knew. Knowing this much, I didn’t want to destroy the idear of him thinking, I was more than this. Simple, Boring, Ugly, Hated. And those words didn’t fit in this fantasy he had made for me. I wanted to feel happy instead.


He whispered the words again, this time questioning. Letting me know, his worry as to my thoughts and heart. So I focused on him, instead of those stupid thoughts, smiling, to calm him, and let him know I was all right. Now, with him, I was at least.

     He answered by stoking my chin. A gesture that felt warm, even though we were surrounded by snow and cold. His gentleness, filled my heart with even more happiness, making me almost beg he would never leave me and let me get banished back to the other world. Thoughts, I hoped he would – as he had did the others – read. And… He did.


His answer, was the kiss I had ever so longed for, but never got. A real kiss. Where the magic could be felt in the air around the two persons. It was that kind of kiss I was given, making me not care about anything but him. As it was, I was as happy as I thought it was possible.

     As he pulled away from the kiss, and me, I wasn’t scared or feared that he would leave without me. Now, I knew he wouldn’t. Again, his hand grabbed mine, holding it close as he had just done all of me. My heart was light and in love, but also, I had become just as much a part of this fantasy as he had been the whole time. So this time, as we walked, I knew where we were going.


We were going home.



Had I been able to look at myself in that moment, I wouldn't have seen a simple, ugly, hated girl. I would have seen a girl, with coal black hair, skin as fair as the snow around us, lips, red as blood, and two green eyes, glimpsing of happiness. 

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