Forever Young

Isobel is 17 years old. She lives with her Uncle who isnt.. well, the nicest Uncle. He hurts Isobel when possible, but is hardly ever home. Well this all changes when she meets a special guy names Louis Tomlinson!
(Please read :) its appropriate sorry if you dont like that)


4. Moving on

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~3 Weeks Later~ 

Zayns p.o.v.

"Zayn, get up. ZAYN!" Isobel shouted.

"Whhaaaa?" Its 8am, let me sleep!" I need meh bed." I shouted as Louis came into the room. He smirked at me on the floor, (Isobels fault) and I got up.

"Zayn, you lazy butt weve got an interview!" Lou shouted 

"Fine Im up." I rolled my eyes.

Isobels p.o.v.

I got into a Little Black Dress (A/N I was listening to that - sorry I just cant help it. xD ) and got into Liams van (They invited me to the interview) and closed myeyes. I reflected on the past month. That day- when I escaped Dan. I wonder what hes doing now. You know whats wierd? Apart from all the attition and curiosity  I attract  to the boys fans, ive heard nothing from, police, or Dan himself. I didnt want to panic, so I let the thought go away. 

Ever since I met the boys my life has been MUCH better. 

I feel like they are the brothers I never met, the friends I never had.Louis and I were kind of a thing, we really liked each but werent properly dating. Honestly, i dont know why he loves me. I am not pretty and I dont really think Im that interesting. but you know, I cant stop him from what makes him feel Alive. (A/N I cant and wont stop :D) 

I dont really need to be with any of the boys, i mean Im happy to, but they are all so close to me. They are all hilarious and great company. I cant understand how 5 amazing talent boys can stay this down to earth. Liams voice inturputted my thoughts.

"Were here" He said, pulling the van to a halt. 

We all got out, and I smiled and waved to the fans and paps behind bars (Thank gosh!) as much as the boys - they told me to be normal and now, i was a memeber of the One Direction family. 

After the boys took a couple of pictures, and 1 or 2 pictures, we were told to head inside the building. 

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