Forever Young

Isobel is 17 years old. She lives with her Uncle who isnt.. well, the nicest Uncle. He hurts Isobel when possible, but is hardly ever home. Well this all changes when she meets a special guy names Louis Tomlinson!
(Please read :) its appropriate sorry if you dont like that)


1. Introduction

Isobels p.o.v.

My name is Isobel Thompson. I'm 17 and I live with my Uncle, Dan. He is hardly ever home and makes me do ALL his work... GROAN.. He is so mean. 

My parents live in New York, and never contact me, so I miss them heaps. Last night, Dan called me from 'work' (the bar) saying we are moving houses. 'We' probably arent, who knows what he says when hes drunk. 

My phone starts to shake. Crud. Its Dan. I answer it with a tremble.

"Isobel! Have you finished all your work? Im on my way home!"

"Um yes, Dan I.. Im almost done!" I called back, hurrying to the kitchen to do te last chore - dishwasher. Ugh.

"Well get your ass to work! Enjoy the fun work now, tomorrow we are moving house, so you will be working non-stop. Do you hear me?"

"Uh, yes Dan."

"You better" He threatened and with that, he hung up.

I took a couple of deep breathes and then finished my work.


I woke up to Dan shaking me.

"ISOBEL! GET UP THIS INSTANT!" He yelled as he kicked me.

I shot up and turned on my phone. It was 5 am. Groan.

"Dan, er- why so early" I asked trying to hide my annoyance.

He hit me. 

"Get up now! I told you yesterday- work ALL DAY! Dont you EVER listen?" He screamed in my face.

I rubbed my arm where he had slapped. 

He threw a LONG list of jobs at me, then said, "Get these done by 12 - or else" 

And he slammed the door. Damn. I got up, turned my light on and read the list. HOW ON EARTH WOULD I GET 43 DAMN JOBS DONE BY 12 O'CLOCK! DANG I HATE THIS! 

My first job was to clean his room and pack all his things - why ant HE do that? 

A knock on the door interuppted my thoughts. 

"You get it, Isobel!" Dan yelled from downstairs. 


I didnt want him to get angry, so I rushed downstairs and opened our old door... And standing right there was my idol - Louis Tomlinson.

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