Zayn's BFF

Abrum and Zayn were BFFs until Zayn went to the XFactor with out telling her. What will happen if they ever meet again will he remember her or will they never speak again? Read to find out.


22. oh no!

Abrum's POV

*on twitter* @AbrumJ "u don't deserve Niall! Just go die!" W-what? Why would they say this!? What did I do? This has been happening a lot! Ugh! I should tell Niall.

*texting Niall A=Abrum N=Niall*

To:Ni😘 hey Ni can u come over I think we need to talk?

From Ni😘 um ya sure be there in 5 k? Love you😘

A/N all for now guys sorry my iPod is being dump! Ugh!

Abrum's POV

Ok should I break up with Niall because of the hate or not? I mean that is very self fish ugh! I don't know what to do! *ding dong* oh no it's Niall! *opens door* omg!!! My brother Blake stands in the door way) why didn't you tell me you were coming!? " haha sorry it was supposed to be a surprise?" Haha I missed you sooo much! We have to catch up! "Ya we should!" *buzz buzz* oh sorry it's a text.

From: Ni bear! Hey so sorry babe last min tour I totally forgot but I have to go to America I will see your beautiful face when I can! Ok? Love you so much princess!❤️😘

What, what? Niall just left me!? Ugh! Oh well I have my bro here! Sorry one sec k?

To Ni bear❤️ umm whoa ok? I will see you when you can see me yeah? Ok love you too❤️😘

So Blake picture timeee! Haha "ugh same old Abrum huh?" Duh of course! *on twitter post* love this guy so much! Can't believe he came and saw me!❤️😘 love ya @Blakeisthecoolest

Niall's POV

*bing bing* oh Abrum tweeted @AbrumJ: love this guy soo much❤️😘 @Blakeisthecoolest" who is that!? Is she cheating on me? No? She wouldn't! Would she?

A/N hey guys! This is all I'm updating tonight cuz it's like 1:03am here and I am tired so good night love you all!❤️😘 and could u give me feed back on my books plz? That's love you all! I'm going to call you guys my Pandas ok? Well love you all my little pandas ~Sky✌️

Niall's POV

Well if Abrum is going to cheat on me then..... Ugh I don't want to cheat on her! I love her but obviously she was using me! O well I am in America so why not go see Katy! *on twitter* @KatyPerry hey! I'm coming to see you! Be there in 10 k love? Bye!❤️ -off twitter- me and Katy are like best friends I can't wait to see her!

Abrum's POV

Me and Blake are catching up at Starbucks! -bing bing- oh Niall tweeted! @NiallOffical: @KatyPerry hey! I'm coming to see you! Be there in 10 k love? What! Is a cheating!? By then I was on the verge of tears "hey Abrum? Are you ok?" Blake said um ya I guess um I need to go ok? "Ya ok?" Blake said ok bye love you "bye love you too" I rushes out of there with tears rolling down my cheeks- why would he do this! Ugh! That's it I'm not going to talk to him for a while maybe he just needs space? Ya ok I'll do that!

-at home-

I got home went in side locked my door went and changed into my favorite sweat pants, a big sweat shirt and comfy slippers comfy clothes well movie night! Hey I should call Caitlyn and Kaitlynn two oft BFFs hey and Eleanor! Girls night!! (Btw Caitlyn is Liam's gf Kaitynn is her BFF)

-group chat with the girls-

A- hey girlies! Want to come over for a movie night!?

From El bear!- totally be there in 20 k?😘

From Kait😘- totally no class tomorrow so sure! (< In collage btw)

From Caitlyn❤️- yep I'll be there!

Yay! Ok everyone's coming! Yay! But I still can't get over Niall ugh! -ding dong- oh there are here! Hey El! "Hey girl!" Eleanor said few mins later Kait and Caitlyn showed up! Hey girls! "Hey!" They both said ok so what movie? "This Is Us!" El said ok I sighed "what's wrong?" Kait said oh um me and Niall have had trouble lately? Aw no that's so sad, you two are perfect for each other! And I heard Arianna and Harry broke up? Kait said aw really? I hope he is ok? I said

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