Zayn's BFF

Abrum and Zayn were BFFs until Zayn went to the XFactor with out telling her. What will happen if they ever meet again will he remember her or will they never speak again? Read to find out.


15. meeting the lads and Girlfriends

Abrum's POV

So we are going to meet Zayn's band mates and there girlfriends! I'm kinda nervous?.. Z:ok we are here!! A: ok?! Z: hey are you nervous? A: ya al little? Z: don't be they will love you! A: haha ok lets go in! Z: ok! **goes in the house** so I walk in and I see four boys standing there with three girls and one looks kinda familiar? Gasp! It's Arianna!! Why didn't she tell me she was dating Harry!? And I thought she likes Zayn?! Oh wait he has a girlfriend? Well what ever and you are probably Wonder how I knew who they were I'm a huge Directioner! ANYWAY the other girls Liam's is tall she had reddishy brown hair blue eyes and is really pretty! And Louis's is kinda tall with brown hair and brown eyes and is really pretty! Oh wait!! It's Eleanor! And Niall is single. Well Kait will be happy! Z: Abrum !? Hey A-Bear!? A: Zayn you did not just call me A-Bear in front of them! Z: hehe sorry!

Liam's POV

So Zayn brought Abrum home she seems really nice! I bet her and Caitlyn will get along great! I should intro Duse us LP: hey you must be Abrum? A: yes hey you must be Liam!? And who is this? LP: oh yes this is Caitlyn she is my girlfriend! C: hey nice to meet you! A: you too!

Zayn's POV

Wow A-Bear is getting along great with the Lads haha why is Niall calling me? N: Zayn can I talk to you!? Z: umm ya sure what's up? N: what about the plan!? Z: oh sorry I didn't really need one? N: oh ok! Z: ya so what do you think of A-Be I mean Abrum? Haha N: she is really nice and pretty cute too! Z: don't try anything on her Horan! N: why you have a girlfriend!? Z: I know I know but I protect Abrum like a little sister! N: ya ok Zayn but what if she likes me back? Z: idk Ni but I really like her and you know that! N: I know Zayn! But you have a Girlfriend!? Z: ugh ya I guess your right? N: ya sooo do I have permission to ask her out?! Z: NO!! N: what why come on man! Please! I would Do it for you?! Please Z: but I like her! N: fine we will just see who she likes! Z: fine!

A/N hey guys what do you think should Zayn break up with Perrie and go for Abrum or should Abrum and Niall go out!? And I promise the girlfriends will be coming out more in the next few chapters! And congrats to Caitlyn and Arianna becoming Liam and Harry's girlfriends! :)~Sky

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