Zayn's BFF

Abrum and Zayn were BFFs until Zayn went to the XFactor with out telling her. What will happen if they ever meet again will he remember her or will they never speak again? Read to find out.


17. I dunno what to call this one?

Abrum's POV

I woke up with Niall sleeping next to me on the couch. Awww he so adorable when he sleeps! **bing bing** oh my phone! Oooo it's Zayn!

From Zaynster❤️ morning A-Bear! Whatcha doin today?!

To Zaynster❤️ morning Zaynster nothing much just woke up how about you!?

Ha well I should probably go and do my morning stuff before Niall gets up!

Nialls POV

Well I woke up on Abrum's couch and she wasn't there? Oh she must be in the shower! Should I wait out here or should I leave? I'll just leave and text her

To My soon to be princess!❤️ (I hope)

Hey Abrum hey I let my self out! I had a lot of. Fun with you last night and could we maybe meet up latter I need to ask you something!?

Abrum's POV.

I walked downstairs to see if Niall was there but he wasn't that's weird? Oh I got a text from him!

From My little leprechaun🍀

Hey Abrum I let my self out! I had a lot of fun with you last night and could we maybe meet up later I need to ask you something!?

To my little leprechaun🍀

Ok sorry I couldn't say goodbye i was in the shower and I had a lot of fun with you last night too! And ya of course we can meet up later!

I wonder what he wants to talk about? Oh well I guess I'll find out later? Oo another txt man I'm popular today!

From Zaynster! Oh I'm not doin much today! Want to come over and hang!?

Oh no I'm supposed to hang out with Niall later today? But me and Zayn were Bestfriends first? But Niall did ask me out first? Well I could go over to Zayn's for a bit and then go to talk to Niall ya I'll do that!

To Zaynster! Ya I can hang out! Just for a bit tho Niall said he wanted to hang out first tho but I will just meet up with him after!

Zayn's POV

Niall!! Ugh he's talking my girl!!

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