Zayn's BFF

Abrum and Zayn were BFFs until Zayn went to the XFactor with out telling her. What will happen if they ever meet again will he remember her or will they never speak again? Read to find out.


18. hanging with Zayn then Niall!

Abrum's POV

**going to Zayn's house** hey Zayn! Z:hey A-Bear come in! Haha ok! Z:so what do you want to do? Let's go to the mall haha! Z: oh ok! Yay!! Let's go!

-------at the mall----------

Z:so where do you want to go? Well I want to go to Forever 21 but if you don't that's fine? Z:no no I want to go with you! Haha ok ok let's go then!

OMG it's Zayn Malik!!!!!! Z:oh no! Abrum walk just walk I'll meet you in there ok!!? But Zayn!? Z:go Abrum go! Ok ok!

Abrum's POV

Why did Zayn act like that? Did he not want to be seen with me? Oh well I'll just go to the food court and wait. Hey I should text Niall while I'm waiting!

To My Little Leprechaun🍀

Hey Ni what's up?!

Niall's POV

Sigh.... I'm so nervous for tonight I hope she wants to be my girlfriend!? Oh a text from? Abrum!

From: my soon to be princess! (I hope)

Hey Ni what's up!?

To: my soon to be princess (I hope)

Hey Abrum nothing much just sitting at home hbu!?

Abrum's POV

Ugh were is Zayn! -hey you!- w-what? -I'm talking to you- what do you want? -let's get one thing strait! Stay away from Zayn got it!- gulp! Umm y-ya I g-got it! -good! Bye- b-bye! Well that was weird? That's it I'm not sitting here any longer! I'll text Niall and have him come get me!

To: my little Leprechaun🍀

Hey Ni will you come get me at the mall please I was here with Zayn but... Well I'll tell you the rest later! Please?

From: my little leprechaun🍀

Ya I'll come get you are you hurt?

To my little leprechaun🍀

No I'm not hurt? Just please hurry!

Nialls POV

To: my soon to be princess (I hope)

Hey I'm here outside!

From my soon to be princess (I hope)


Still Niall's POV

Hey Abrum!? You ok? A: ya I'm fine I guess? Are sure? We could talk about it? A: ok but let's wait Untill we stop somewhere? Ok so want to come over now? A:Ya sure! Ok

Abrum's POV

I felt bad just leaving Zayn there but he made me wait for 3 hours! Ya I know it has to do with his job but signing like 10 autographs shouldn't take 3 hours! Should it? Well I should text him so he doesn't worry about me?

To Zaynster! Hey um I left? Ni came and got me so no need to worry! And there's something I have to tell you later!? Ok bye

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