Little black dress

Liam's at a party with the boys a girl in a black shows up and liam instantly falls for her they have an amazing night talking,dancing,drinking liam just forgot to ask one important question 'what's your name?' He's unable to forget about 'little black dress' until they reunite once again


2. reunited

It has been weeks Manet even months, little black dress was gone. I don't even know her name. I wasn't ready to move on, I know it may have only been a one night stand but I really do think we had something there.

I decided it was time to move on, the boys were going clubbing tonight so I decided to go with them.

**a couple hours later**

We arrived at the club, zayn with Perrie, Louis with elenour, Harry and Niall with some twins they found in line and once again I had no date.

I was sitting at one of the tables, when I saw a familiar black dress, I scanned the body up and down a couple of times. I just couldn't believe my eyes, it was little black dress.

I ran up to her swept her off her feet and started kissing her passionately, it really was her. She pulled away from the kiss,"I've missed you so much liam." She remembered me!

"Why did you leave?" "I needed to sort some things out, but by the time I got back to your place you were gone." "Oh little black dress how I've missed you so much, all that matters now is that I have you with me."

The boys walked over to us,"hello love, are you the one and only 'little black dress'." Harry asked. "Little black dress?" She asked in a confused voice. "Oh ummm that's what I called you because I never got your name." I explained.

"Oh sorry about that, my name is......

Hey guys I was wondering if you could comment your name in the comments if you would like it to be little black dress's name thanks :)xxx

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