Does He Know?

A Young girl at the age of 17, lived in London, in Town Square. She was best friends with two guys named Dan, and Phil. She was still in High School, but Dan and Phil weren't they are in Uni. So she was alone in school. But the first day of grade 12 for her, there were two new students.... Will they replace Dan and Phil, or will she forget about them?


5. Not What I Planned!

Ally's POV

"So what are we gunna do at your house?" I said, "well I was thinking we should, just have a couple beers and hang out." "Oh umm okay?" I said in the form of a question."What you don't like my Idea,well I'd like to see you come up with a better one." He said smirking "what's so funny?" I was a little confused "oh nothing just forget it" "whatever"

*At Dan's House*

"Kay so we're here, now what?" " now we start drinking!" Dan said, He also said he would get the drinks. After a few beers I was completely Wasted! I didn't have control of my body and I was jumping everywhere. I jumped on Dan and started making out with him, like Hot make out! We started towards the bedroom, Dan carrying me, Once we got there, he set me on the bed, and undid his belt, pants, and pulled down his boxers and it came out like a Rocket. He moved the thong I was wearing aside and entered me. You know what happens next....

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