Does He Know?

A Young girl at the age of 17, lived in London, in Town Square. She was best friends with two guys named Dan, and Phil. She was still in High School, but Dan and Phil weren't they are in Uni. So she was alone in school. But the first day of grade 12 for her, there were two new students.... Will they replace Dan and Phil, or will she forget about them?


1. Meet the Gang!

Well I Guess I can call this a "Gang", I hang out with these people Way To Much! So there's Me, My name is Ally Tomas, I'm 17 Years old, and I have black straight hair,Blue/green eyes,and pretty big lips, all my friends say I look like Megan Fox, but I don't think I do.... Anyways, There's also Dan, His full name is Dan Howell and He is 21 years old, and has Brown hair, brown eyes, and is pretty cheeky if you ask me...(and yes I'm talking about Danisnotonfire/Amazingphil) Anyways there is also, Phil Lester, He is 26 years old now, he has black hair, blue/green eyes too, and phil is so adorable......Anyways getting side tracked. I am still in High School, and Phil/Dan are both in Uni. but there's nothing Wrong with us hanging out. Sometimes we all go to Phil and Dan's flat to just Watch some movies and just relax. But lately we have just been going to McDonalds and just eating, Chatting then heading home.     

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