Does He Know?

A Young girl at the age of 17, lived in London, in Town Square. She was best friends with two guys named Dan, and Phil. She was still in High School, but Dan and Phil weren't they are in Uni. So she was alone in school. But the first day of grade 12 for her, there were two new students.... Will they replace Dan and Phil, or will she forget about them?


4. Change of Plans

Ally's POV

*at the movies*

"Where are they" I whispered to myself as I was still waiting for Dan and Phil, minuets later I see there car pull up to a parking spot. I saw them start walking over to me, Dan was looking at me Strange, they walked over to me, and Dan said "hey we should go to our house instead of the movie" "wait what!" Said Phil in shock. Then I stated "I thought we were going to have fun, and not be all boring at your house" then I went to sit down on a bench that is just outside of the theatre. "We will have fun I promise" Dan said as he and Phil followed me. "Well..." I paused to think "oh alright I guess we can go back to your house" but Phil noted "but the movies are more fun then whatever Dan wants to do!" Then after a few seconds he continued " I mean who knows what he wants to do!" I thought about what Phil said but by then Dan had already pulled me by the arm, and now I was at the side of his car. "Phil I know you have been wanting to watch the second Hobbit movie for a while but I mean you could always just watch it alone and stay here, I bet you will meet new people and have fun like you wanted" Dan said to get Phil to agree with him, "oh alright, have fun you two!" Phil responded walking away.

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