Fate Loves Me

Darrel Darcy and Victoria Raymond were huge 1D fans. Victoria even went to a signing where she actually met them and by mistake committed this small, teensy-weensy, her future CAREER-DESTROYING mistake. So, Darrel and Victoria try to amend it before it’s too late. Want to know what do they do? Not much. Just force their way into 1D’s house, nearly destroy one of their rooms and fall in love (with the emphasis on fall). However, will they come to know of a secret? And will it destroy more than one happiness....?


2. Where We Went

Exactly two minutes later, the purr of an Indian (bike) could be heard outside. Victoria ran outside dabbing at her eyes and dragging her slingbag uselessly. Then, she stopped and exclaimed, “You got the bike repaired?”

Darrell took off her helmet and smiled, “Yup, isn’t he perfect now?”

‘He’ was unquestionably the bike. A black and yellow monster that seemed to be the major reason for the holes, cracks and dents in the neighbourhood. In the past, Victoria had often asked Darrell, “…but aren’t bikes meant to be ‘she’ as in female? I mean, I have often heard people point to their bikes and say Oh, isn’t she beautiful or something like that.”

Darrell had replied nonchalantly, “Maybe so but mine is definitely a ‘he’.”

‘He’ had been in a run-into-the-pole accident recently due Darrell’s slight spacing out and crashing into a streetlight. Even though the streetlight had suffered worse Darrell nearly wept for her bike.

Currently the bike was back in shape, looking the beauty he was. Darrell passed a Rey Mysterio helmet to Victoria as she put on her own Sin Cara one. Victoria groaned, “Do I have to wear it? I spent a good part of morning on my hair. This’ll spoil it.”

“Unless you want to crush your head in an accident…”

Victoria had by now lost count of the number of accidents Darrell and her bike got into every week. Maybe that was why she agreed to wear the helmet. “Fine but I want the Sin Cara one.”

Darrell chuckled, “Bad luck. I took it first. Now hop on.”

As Victoria gave directions to Darrell her mind kept going back to tomorrow’s appointment. She had to reach there with the assignment. How could I have been so thoughtless and foolish?

“Oh, it’s natural for you to be thoughtless and foolish,” grinned Darrell.

“Did I say that out loud?” Victoria asked, surprised.

“Ya and the I’ll die if I don’t get it back and I should have become an English teacher when I had the time and What if they give all their gifts to some charity and If I die I hope somebody will take care of Tibbs and…”

“Ok, ok,” Victoria reddened under the helmet as Darrell mimicked her. “Did I really say all that?”

“No….there’s more!” Darrell laughed.

Victoria smiled and then she began to laugh too. It was a little funny.

“Thank God, you laughed. I was getting worried,” Darrell spoke.

Before Victoria could reply they had arrived at Del E’rius but something was way off. Darrell felt Victoria stiffen beside her. Even she could see there was something wrong. She asked Victoria, “Ummm, isn’t a bit quiet? I thought all the fans would be making a hell of a ruckus.”

Victoria swallowed before answering, “They were…..I think the signing’s over.”

“No way.”

“I’m over. My dream’s over...”

“Shut up,” Darrell elbowed her. “Look we’ll get it back, ok? How about we ask somebody where they went?”

“Darrell,” Victoria felt like laughing at her friend’s stupidity, “they are not just anybody. They are 1D. They could be anywhere. It’s impossible to get the sketchbook back.”

“It’s worth a try, right?” Darrell walked inside the building.

After a moment’s silence, Victoria followed. By the time she caught up Darrell was talking to a balding man at the reception, who didn’t look very pleased with the conversation.

“…look, ma’am. We can’t tell you where they went. Maybe you should try contacting their manager,” he was saying dryly.

“But it’s very important,” Victoria said suddenly feeling there was hope after all.

“I know you fans are very serious but this is stalking.” The man was now giving them looks which clearly said-‘Buzz off’.

“That’s it,” Darrell’s short temper had had enough of the guy. “Nobody calls me a stalker and gets away with it.”

“Yeah, stalker,” the man drawled.

Victoria never saw Darrell’s hand move to the receptionist’s collar. Seconds later he was being shaken like a mat. Victoria calmly dragged Darrell away.

“What do we do now?” asked Darrell after her temper had subsided a little.

It was now Victoria’s turn to smile, “We try something that doesn’t involve violence. Let me think.” She looked around for some idea and her face brightened, “Got it.”

“Really?” asked Darrell with a most surprised expression.

Victoria nodded, “See that Cyber Cafe over there. We just find their manager’s email id or phone number and ask him for the sketchbook. No problem at all.”

That day Victoria and Darrel came to understand that there was no such thing as ‘no problem’. That day they also understood that finding a way to contact your favourite boy band was as easy as finding a way to induct Pluto into the Solar System. They also found that there was no such thing as a ‘contact 1D’s manager’ id. In short they found out that there was no way to get the beloved sketchbook back. After two hours of scouring the web, they also understood that Google doesn’t have all the answers!

“There’s this girl, oneDandMEshiningeyes, who says that most of the members can be found at Tomlinson’s house which is at Twenty-four, Phals Eydee, Doncaster,” Victoria nearly spilt her coffee in excitement.

“So? We have read reports that 1D are currently living in 12, Hor, Ireland; 42, Gloug, Wales; 31, ButterScotch, Scotland…and when we checked the addresses on Google Maps, the places mentioned didn’t even exist,” Darrell was in a sour mood.

Victoria kept on smiling, “Well, I checked. The place exists alright and there are around a dozen people seconding this girl’s report. We have to check it out. It’s quite late already. This place is 3 hours from here. Will we be able to…?”

Darrell smirked, “Three hours for others, dear. For us, on our bike, it’ll be more like an hour.”

“Impossible,” thought Victoria.

Victoria soon came to know how possible it was when Darrell broke all traffic rules. Their bike was flying through lanes and roads of traffic in such a hurry that people happily gave free way to them. Within an hour, they had reached 24, Phals Eydee, Doncaster. Darrell parked the bike a few feet away from the house. They tip toed quietly to the entrance when problem in the face of doorkeeper-cum-really muscular, mean looking bodyguard met them.

“I am sorry but you are trespassing,” one of them commented without turning in their direction.

Darrell whistled, “How did he see us!?”

Victoria sighed, “There goes are vaulting the fence plan not that it had a high success rate anyway.”

They walked slowly towards the bodyguards/gatekeepers/whatever you like to call them. It was difficult to see their expressions as their face seemed to register nothing and dark, huge sunglasses covered their eyes. Darrell found herself feeling sorry for the two men who had to stand all day long in that highly gatekeeping but highly uncomfortable pose.

“We er-have an appointment with them,” Darrell supplied at last.

“Oh yeah?” one of guards quipped with a hint of impatience. Darrell’s pity for them found itself diminishing. “What do you think, Walt, should we call the cops on them?” Darrell’s pity became non-existent.

Before Walt could reply Victoria interrupted, “Do that and your employer’s reputation goes poof!”

That made Walt stop reaching for his phone. The other guard sneered, “And how will that happen, may I ask?”

“We have some information about…” Victoria started.

“About Harry Styles….” continued Darrell, catching on.

Victoria grinned, “That could have a negative effect on the band’s reputation…”

“So, if you don’t let us in,” Darrell said, “we’ll go straight to the Times Office and by tomorrow morning….”

“…..the only direction, One Direction will go, will be DOWNHILL.”

That seemed to unsettle the guards, hell, it seemed to drive them insane. The air lit up with their buzzing discussion on what to do. The sarcastic guard had by now lost most of his perkiness, “What has Styles done now?”

Walt rubbed his brow, “Joe, I think we should call Paul-”

Victoria interrupted, “No, no Paul. If you call Paul, we call Times Office.”

Darrell nodded, “See, Mr. Joe, Mr. Walt, looks like you didn’t understand the situation. Let me explain. When we said our information could have a negative effect we were just starting. Man, what we have could destroy them. Totally. Finished. And you two are not in a position to do anything but agree with us. Now, let us in so that we can negotiate with them.”

“Think about it. If everything went well and the negotiations happened you two would be the apple of their manager’s eye. One wrong step would mean a total ‘good-bye’ to your job,” added Victoria.

“They are right,” Walt said hurrily. Joe nodded quickly. Walt phoned the house and explained the visitors. As Victoria and Darrell exchanged guilty looks they could hear someone no. 1 ask someone no. 2 what he had done now. Someone no. 2 groaned and replied that he had done perfectly nothing that could cause trouble. Someone no. 3 cackled all the time, providing the very important background music.

Most probably someone no. 1 agreed to the girls’ presence because the next minute the guards let them pass.


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