Heyy I'm maggie cox I have been abused since I was 2 mom and dad went to jail when I was ten for doing it so I was sent to an orphanage and adopted my 1d.
I find a person at my school and start dating him but do I have feelings for Louis? Read to find out!!


15. want u back!

I woke up to Niall running around downstairs. "Niall!! Shut up!!" I yelled through the house. I finally got up and took a shower. I got out and put on skinny jeans with my black converses and my hoodie that's says ' fuck you'. I brushed my hair and teeth then ran downstairs. I grabbed an apple and ran out the door all the way to school. When I got to school everybody was staring at me. Has that got around the school that fast? I saw harry by my locker and ran to him. "Hey! R u still hanging out with you friends?" I asked him. "Only Zach because he wasn't using us but the other boys were!" He said a little sad. Wait do he say Zach wasn't using me? I have to get him back!! "Where is Zach?" I asked harry, "umm... I haven't seen him." He said while getting stuff out of his locker and walking away. I got my stuff out of my locker and went to history. I saw Zach. But he was making out with the biggest slut in the school. Lexi. I went up to Zach and interrupted them before the teacher came in. "Zach can I talk to u?" I asked. He nodded and followed me to the back of the class. "Look Zach, harry told me u weren't using them. I feel really bad that I went out on u like that, it's just that.... I don't want a boyfriend that is just using me or something I can't handle it! So will u be my boy friend again?" I asked trying not to cry. "Does this answer your question?" He asked while kissing me. He took a seat next to me. I plugged my earphones in so I didn't have to listen. Class was finally over!! I was walking to my locker by myself. Zach was talking to the teacher about something. As I was putting stuff in my locker someone came behind me and covered my eyes with there eyes. "Guess who?!?!" The guy asked happy. "Zach?" I asked quite scared. The person turned me around an I saw Austin. And I saw Lexi holding a camera. Oh crap!! "Look maggie I'm really sorry!" Austin said. He was obviously lying because why else would Lexi be holding a camera? I just nodded. He leaned down to kiss me but I stopped him. I'm not a slut or whore!! Anger filled his eyes. He trapped me between my locker and himself. He held my hands over my head. He leaned down an kissed me I kept moving my head because that was the only thing I could move. He put one if his hands where my face was so he could hold it down. He held it and kissed me I didn't kiss him back. I finally got out of his grip but fell on the ground. He got on top of me and put his Han up my shirt. People were staring! He got his hand out of my shirt and went down my jeans. He got pulled of off me by two angry people. Zach and harry!! They pushed him against the wall and kicked him anywhere they could find. And I mean everywhere. I was still on the ground. I had a huge headache!!! Zach came over to me and helped me up. The bell rang ad we ran to class

*skip next three classes* Class was over and I was heading to lunch. I think we're sitting at new table because our ex friends are still at the table we were at. Harry and Zach came to both of my sides. "We need to find a new table." Harry said. We walked around the cafeteria until we reached an empty table. We sat down and talked. "Maggie? We have to tell u something when we get home. It's really important!!" Harry said. I wonder what it is. Lunch ended and we had to go back to class. I was walking into French when I saw Zach kiss Lexi. Or Lexi kiss Zach. Or... Whatever!! I stormed over to them. "WHY DID U DO THAT?!?! R U JUST TRYING TO MAKE ME MAD? WHAT DID I EVER DO TO U??" I screamed at Lexi. She looked shocked. She stepped closer to me. "I want Zach so u can't have him!" She whispered in my war through gritted teeth. "WELL BACK OFF!" I yelled. She got hold of Zach's collar and kissed him. I pulled her back. Oh she shouldn't have done that! I pulled her away and literally carried her outside by the top of her dress. Good thing she short. "Now are u sorry?" I asked trying to get calm. "Hell no!"she laughed. I said okay and ran to the door of the building. I turned around her way and ran full speed into her. I knocked her on the ground. I slapped her a few times I kicked her to. I was about to punch he but somebody held my arm. "Let got of my fucking arm!!" I yelled. I Turned around and saw the principal. He looked pretty mad. he grabbed me and Lexi by our hair and pulled us into his office. "Maggie why were u beating her up?" The principal asked. "Because she pulled my boyfriend over and kissed him right in front of me then I asked her if she was sorry. She said no so I knocked her on the ground an started beating her up." I said casually. Lexi looked shocked that I told the truth. "Maggie I'm calling your dad!" He said. I didn't care because harry would back me up. Ten minutes later Louis walked in with the other boys. He decided to check out Zach an harry to. Harry and Zach came to the office and we left to go home. Zach is technically living with me because his parents don't care about him and he is always at my house.

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