Heyy I'm maggie cox I have been abused since I was 2 mom and dad went to jail when I was ten for doing it so I was sent to an orphanage and adopted my 1d.
I find a person at my school and start dating him but do I have feelings for Louis? Read to find out!!


16. TOUR?!?!

We got in Louis's car and went home. He looked really mad..... I hope he doesn't do anything stupid. I just now noticed that there was another girl in the car. She was sitting on Niall's lap. I wonder who she is. "Who are u?" I asked pointing at the unfamiliar girl. Niall spoke up. "This is my new girlfriend, Alyssa!" He said with a smile. "Yay!! Another girl in the house!! Finally!" I screamed while we reached the house. "Family/friend meeting!" Louis yelled when we jumped outbid the at and ran inside to the living room. I wonder what he is talking about? He told is to sit down on the couch. There was not enough room so I sat on Harry's lap, Alyssa in Niall's, Perrie in Zayn's, and Danielle in Liam's. "Okay, I have something important to say, well were going on tour and I'm back with Eleanor!" He sounded happy. How could be happy? Why is he with Eleanor? I'm going to miss Zach so much!! "What?" Was all I could get out. "Well me and Eleanor talks things out ad I talked to Simon and he said were going on tour..... Tomorrow!" Eleanor came out of nowhere and tarted heading my way. Trouble is coming I can tell. "Look maggie, I'm really sorry about getting all dramatic and everything. I hope we can be friends.... And your sister died today in a car crash... One more thing... Me and Louis are getting married so u can call me mom if u want to!" She asked in a sweet voice. I know when someone is lying and she isn't. She is actually sorry! "Wait!! What about Zach?? I can't leave him behind!! I lo- like him!!" I said about to cry. "I talked to his parents and he is coming with us!!" Danielle exclaimed. "Really?" She nodded. I kissed Zach. It turned out into a make out party because everybody was kissing there boyfriend or girlfriend. It started getting heated with me and Zach. I started kissing down my neck. Until someone knocked on the door. "Niall go get it!!" I said because he got up to go pee. He came back and opened the door. It was Austin. He ran over to me and Zach. He pulled Zach off of me and kissed me. Zach pulled him off an punched him. Austin ran out the door all the way down the street until I couldn't see him. Zach looked really pissed off. "Wait Eleanor did u say my sister died?" I asked. She nodded. It really didn't matter because she was only in my life for a couple of days. "Let's go to Nando's!" Niall and Alyssa screamed. Niall is always hungry!! We ran all the way there. It wasn't far away. When we got there I saw her. Lexi. She was making out with Austin! Really? I ran up to him and slapped him. "I thought u actually liked me I guess u don't but I don't care because I have.... Zach. And he is not u." I don't know why I said that I just felt the right to do that. I wanted to rub it in his face that Zach is my boyfriend and he isn't. His face turned to happy to pissed. Yay I made someone mad! He started to spin around but Louis came up and punched him. "Don't mess with my baby!" He yelled. Austin ran out and we all started laughing. I even think I saw Lexi laughing with her 'friends'. We ordered food then sat down. "So maggie when is ur baby due?" Zayn asked looking a bit jelly. "It's due in like 3 months I think.." I trailed off. The waiter came over and put our food down on the table. We all ate up until we were full. Niall and Alyssa kept eating. I think they were having a contest. The girls cheered for Alyssa as the boys cheered for Niall. I suddenly had to go crap. I ran to bathroom. I heard crying. I went to the back of the restroom and saw Lexi crying her eyes out. I actually felt bad for her. "What's wrong Lexi?" I asked. "Why should u care? U hate me because I bully u!" She said through tears. "What happened?" I asked calmly. "Well to day I found out my friends were only using me for popularity. And Austin broke up with me... Now I have no one!" She admitted. I wanted to comfort her but I felt awkward because she's my bully. "Look I'll be your friend but u can't bully me and I'm going on tour tomorrow." I said. She looked up. She was shocked but sad at the same time. Then she said something I couldn't believe my ears would take in. "Maggie I'm sorry for everything I did to u and I hope u know that I want to e your friend and I'm not going to use u or anything. I'm going to miss u." She said. I stood there in shock while she hugged me. She grabbed my hand and pulled me outside where the boys were. They looked up. Everybody knew who she was. Everybody was shocked. Everybody but Zach. Zach looked angry. I told them what happened. We started walking home because it was getting dark. We were leaving at 5 in the morning so I went straight to bed. Zach came in with me. I fell asleep to the sound of Zach singing me to sleep.

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