Heyy I'm maggie cox I have been abused since I was 2 mom and dad went to jail when I was ten for doing it so I was sent to an orphanage and adopted my 1d.
I find a person at my school and start dating him but do I have feelings for Louis? Read to find out!!


18. red carpet and dinner.

Once we got to the bus I called Zach and told him why happened. He sounded really pissed. He hung up on me. I told my mom what happened. I started to get ready for the red carpet because it was almost time to leave.i went to the bathroom and took a shower. When I got out I put I robe on and a towel around my hair. I was going to do my make up first. I put on dark red lipstick and dark eyeliner. I put on some blush ad eye shadow. I took the towel around my hair off. I blow dryer it then put it in curls. I put my dress on with the black high heels I bought. When I was done I went to where the girls were waiting. I saw that the boys were there to. I saw Lexi siting on Harry's lap. I guess there dating now. "FINALLY!" Zayn said. "Said the person who spends 2 hours on his hair!" Perrie said. We got out of the bus and went to a limo. We talked until we pulled up to the red carpet. I went out with Zach. I put my arm in his. We walked down the red carpet and stopped to take pictures with people. We signed a few autograph hand took photos with fans. We finally got inside and waited for the rest. It took a little while for everybody to arrive in the building. We took a couple of more photos with fan until this girl about 13 walked up to me. She slapped me and called me a slut. I can't handle this anymore with the fans not liking me. "THATS IT!" I yelled running after the girl. I knocked her on the ground and punched her a few times. Not long until paparazzi came up an started videoing me torturing the girl. I finally stopped ad got millions of questions from people. I walked over to Louis ad just hugged him. I cried into his shoulder. "What's wrong baby?" He asked obviously knowing what's wrong. "Dad I can't handle this anymore! The fans hate me! I had to do something! U need to tell them to stop or I'll move out with Zach." I replied through sobs. The girl that I beat up came over to me. She grabbed my hand gently and pulled me to the side. "I'm sorry it's just I get jealous when I see anybody related or dating them and so I took it out on u!!" She said starting to cry. I rubbed her back. "It's fine. Really." I said after I stopped crying. She nodded and walked over to her friends. Zach grabbed my ham. And led me to the limo. Everybody else got in after a while. We were going out to eat. Somewhere fancy. I don't know where though. We arrived at a Restaurant and I got out with Zach right behind me. When we got in I heard the song 'all that matters' was on. I really wanted to meet Justin Bieber at the red crept but I never got a chance. Anyway we sat down at a 12 seater table. We started talking about stuff when the waitress came over and asked what we wanted. Me Zach Lexi Alyssa Niall an Liam got steak. Harry Louis Eleanor Perrie zayn an Danielle got tacos. It took a while for our food to come because the place was packed. But it finally came. I ate my whole plate and ha some of lexis because she don't finish all of hers. After a while I was full but Niall was still eating. Louis stood up and Zach followed him on the stage. Zach went to the mic a started talking. But right before he could talk Austin bus did through the door. He had a gun in his pocket. He grabbed it and pulled it out if his pocket. I'm glad I brought mine. I always have mine in my boot. I pulled mine out and pointe it towards Austin's head. He turned around and when he saw my gun he dropped his. I kept mine in my hand just not pointing at him. "What are u doing here Austin?" I said very harshly. He looked nervous? He started crying. "Maggie I came back to tell u I was sorry! I need u in my life or I will die!" Austin said. "So to make things better u were going to kill my boyfriend? Wo that makes loads of since!" I said sarcastically. "Forget what I said! I don't need u! I'm leaving! And I'm not coming back for u!!" E said in a baby voice. Why would I go back to him? "Okay go! That's what I need I'm not stopping u!!" I screamed. He picked up his gun to quick for me to get mine and he shot me in the shoulder. I heard sirens for a few minutes then my body completely shut down!

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