Heyy I'm maggie cox I have been abused since I was 2 mom and dad went to jail when I was ten for doing it so I was sent to an orphanage and adopted my 1d.
I find a person at my school and start dating him but do I have feelings for Louis? Read to find out!!


8. high school!

( hello sexy ninjas!! I'm calling u that now. This is my first story so I would like to know what u think about it. So if u could plz leave comments about what u think. Oh and if u ever want to get in contact with me my Instagram is: magpie1234. Kik:Maggie_conn. Snapchat: maggie_conn. Peace out sexy ninjas!!😝😛😜)

Maggie's p.o.v.

I woke up to screaming. I saw the boys on my bed screaming ate to get up. "No!!" I yelled. It was quiet for a minute then there was a splash of water on me. "AHHHHHHHHHH!! Who did that??" I yelled at the top At the top of my lungs. They all pointed to Harry. "Mate, RUN!" They all yelled at him. I ran to him and caught up to him at the top of the staircase. I pinched him and threw him down the stairs. I know a bit harsh but nobody messes with me. I turned around and u saw the boys looking scared, shocked, and worried. "Don't worry I'm not going to do that to you.... If u don't mess with me." I said. They still looked worried. They ran to there rooms. I went back to my room and took a quick shower. When I got out I put a green tank top on with sparkly black shorts. I put a little make up on an some black toms. I went down stairs and Niall was making breakfast. He was making pancakes!! "Omg thanks Niall!! I luv pancakes!!" I practically yelled at him. "Well u better hurry an eat. We got to leave!" He said. I got a plate and put four pancakes on it. I went to the living room to eat. I saw harry on the couch with an ice pack to his face. "I'm sry harry! It's just that I don't like people messing with me. And u did." I told him. "No love it's alright. I shouldn't have done that." He said ashamed. I was about to tell him to not be ashamed but Louis told me to get in the car. I ran to the car. When I was trying to get outside there was a glass door and I walked straight into it. Oops! I got into the black van and went to school. I feel so nervous for my first day. I got out of the car and went to the principals office. I got there and asked a lady for a time table. She gave me one and my first class was math. I walked to my new locker. It was number 826. I got new books to. I was nerdy but I was really pretty. But people still make fun of me. It's really stupid. I went into math class and went to the back seat. The teacher didn't notice me though. Halfway through the class a boy walked in the room. He was late. He was very sexy. Very sexy!!!!! "Why are u late again, Zach?" The teacher said. "Oh sry Mr.Wince. I was in traffic." He said. "Sure." Mr. Wince said. Zach say down in the last seat. Witch was next to mine. "Hey love!" He said. My stomach did a backflip. "H-hey." I replied. I probably looked like a stupid retard. Crap. "Why are u stuttering?" He asked smirking. "Oh nothing." I said back to him. "Tell me! Please!" He said. "Okay fine. I was stuttering because u r very *cough cough* sexy *cough cough*. I think that was noticeable because he was smirking again. He just looked at his pencil and tapped it on his desk. I did the same. When the bell rang I went to my locker. Right when I was about to open it Zach came up to me and opened a locker next to mine. "Hello there." Zach said. "Hey!" I replied with to much enthusiastic. "You wanna hang out at the park after school?" He asked. Omg he just asked me to go to the park with him!! "Yea." I said. "Oh and do u want to eat with me at lunch?" He asked. "I would love to!" After that he walks to a group of boys, one looked very familiar. I walked over there and saw Harry. What is Harry doing here? "Harry?" I asked him. He turned Around an saw me. He looked at me with shock in his eyes. "Maggie?" He asked. "What are u doing here?" I asked him. "Harry here failed 12th grade and is redoing it. Why? are u a stalker of one direction?" A boy answered for him. He was cute but I wouldn't date him."no I an not a stalker I live with him." I said. They all looked very shocked. "I'm adopted." They all looked relived for some reason. Do they all like me? They can't I'm not pretty. Well at least I don't think I am. "Well I got to head to geometry." I said awkwardly as the bell rang. Zach and harry followed me there. They prob have the same class as me.

* skip the next three classes*

Zach p.o.v.

I was heading out if history when I saw Maggie walking out of science. "Are u ready for lunch?" I ask her. "Yup". She said popping the p. She looked really pretty. I don't know if she likes me tho. "Have u made any friends?" I asked her. "If u and your friends don't count, then no." She said. "Oh well I have a few friends that are girls. If u want them to sit with us at lunch." I ask her. "Good I need girl friends." She says. When we finished our conversation we were at the cafeteria. "Hey maggie!" All the boys said. "Oh yes maggie this is Kyle, jake, Drew, Austin, and harry witch u already know. And the girls are ally, Katie, Jackie, Danny, and Haley. "Meet Maggie!" I said. All the girls said hey. They feisty red her over to them. They started talking while me and the guys were talking. "Do u like Maggie?" Harry asked. I was kinda scared to say yes because she lives with him. I glance over at her and said "yes." "Okay but if u hurt her I will hurt u!" He said kinda loud. I looked at the girls maggie was staring straight at me. Me and her both started blushing. I walked over her to say something but she started leaning in and I did the same. "Awe!!" They all said as we started kissing. We were interrupted by the bell. "Hey guys do y'all all want to meet me at my house?" I asked really fast. "Hell yea!!" They all replied I started laughing. Everybody started laughing to. We couldn't stop laughing. We stopped when the principal came in the room staring straight at us. We ran to our classes really quickly. I went into science and saw Haley in there to. I sat at my desk and plugged earphones in my ears. The rest of the day went by in a flash. I was at my house waiting for the rest.

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