Heyy I'm maggie cox I have been abused since I was 2 mom and dad went to jail when I was ten for doing it so I was sent to an orphanage and adopted my 1d.
I find a person at my school and start dating him but do I have feelings for Louis? Read to find out!!


20. getting married!!

I woke up to my toe hurting. I looked down at it and there was a tiny crab on it. I screamed and woke up Zach. He looked really worried. He looked down at my toe and laughed. "Zach! This is not funny!" I screamed at him only to find him laughing more. He pulled the carb of and threw it in the ocean. We were still at the beach? I didn't know that I thought we went home. I'm getting married today!! Yay!! I looked over and saw everybody with there boyfriend. Zach looked at me evilly. Oh crap! I knew what was about to happen. He walked me into the water and we took everything off except our under clothes. We walked out into the water until it was up onto my chin. He started kissing my neck making me moan. He smiled against my skin and left me a hickey. He came up to mouth and kissed me. He licked my bottom lip as if asking for interest with his tongue. I opened my mouth so he could insert his tongue. We both explored our mouths together. He grabbed the bottom of my knickers and pulled them off. Ha unclipped my bra and threw it under my foot so it wouldn't wash away. I did the same thing to his boxers except I had to go under water to do that. Right when he was about to insert me I heard screaming. I looked at the shore and saw paparazzi and millions of fans. Crap we only have our under stuff! I put my bra and my panties back on and Zach put his boxers back on. I decided to swim until they went away. Zayn finally woke up and he and the boys shoed everyone away. Me and Zach came out of the water and pulled our clothes back on. Me and the girl decided to get ready for my wedding. The boys pulled Zach to somewhere. The girls drove me to the tour bus. When we got to the tour bus Eleanor pulled out a wedding dress she got last night when I went to sleep with Zach. It was gorgeous. She pulled me into the bathroom and and told m I take a shower. I took one and got out quickly. I put my robe on and a towel around my hair. I went into the living room part of the bus and sat on the stool. Lexi did my hair while Danielle did my makeup. Alyssa was picking out shoes for me to where. Perrie and Eleanor were just watching. Lexi ad Danielle finished at the same time. I went into the bathroom and threw my dress over my head. Alyssa handed my the perfect shoes to go with the dress. We were having the wedding on the beach. We were walking to the beach ad they pulled me behind a car so Zach couldn't see me. I guess the boys set up the scenarios. A few minutes passed and Louis walked up to me. He took my hand and he walked me down the aisle. I saw all of the girls crying. There wasn't a lot of people here. I finally got to Zach and I faced him. Th person who was doing this was very boring so I tuned him out. After I saw Zach say "I do!" I did the same thing. Then the person told us to kiss. We kissed and everything felt right. I felt a kick and my stomach and screamed in pain. "MY WATER BROKE!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Zach picked me up bridle style and ran me to a car. We arrived at the hospital and a doctor came out and told me to come in a room and Zach followed. Everybody else came and sat by Zach. I had to put on patient clothes so they could see the baby coming out of my crotch. I felt awkward because everybody was string at my froth as I was pushing. "PUSH PUSH!" The doctor creamed. Why is he screaming? I'm the one in pain!! I pushed one more time and heard crying. But my belly was still huge! "U have another baby maggie! Keep pushing!" The doctor yelled over dramatically. I pushed until I heard more crying. My belly went back down to flat. I had a girl and a boy!! I was so happy I could do anything!! I finally got out of the hospital with the girl in my hand and the boy in Zach's hand. We were getting in a taxi to go to the tour bus. Once we got to the tour bus idler like running. Because I couldn't run with a huge stomach. Then I thought of something. How are we going to bring to babies on tour? With the concerts an stuff? "Maggie!!" Louis called getting on the bus. I tuned to him and he continued. "Were buying u and Zach a house with furniture and everything so u don't have to buy anything like the first month!" He said proudly. I was shocked. "Dad u don't have to do this for us. We can ha-" he cut me off. "I'm doing it for u baby girl. I want u to be happy with a family just like I was with u. And were going to visit as much as possible." He finished. OMG!! I'm going to have a family and very thing is going to be right!! "When are we going to buy the house?" I asked. He was thinking for a moment then he said. "Were probably going to do it now because we have to fly somewhere for the tour." He said while grabbing my hand and going to tell everyone the news. Zach protested like I did but he didn't win. We got back in a taxi and went to look for houses. We were driving around for what felt like hours but I didn't care because I had my baby girl to play with. I hope se doesn't turn out like Lexi even though Lexi turned nice. Louis finally stopped the car and I ran out if the car with the baby in my hands. I wonder how many rooms. "There are six rooms one for each baby. One for u and for a game room another for your designer room. And another for a pool." Louis said. I ran inside the house and there was furniture already in it. There was a kitchen, family room, living room, like 10 bathrooms ,dining room, outside porch , and the stuff my da mentioned. It was so beautiful. Me and Zach were getting our stuff out of the taxi to put in the house. Me and Zach put our stuff inside the house and put the babies to sleep. Everybody else had already gone on tour. "WE HAVE OUR OWN HOUSE!!" I screamed because I'm excited. Zach laughed at this. One if the babies started crying. Zach got up and I followed him. It was the boy. The girl was just sound asleep. I picked up the boy and rocked him in my arms. Zach got behind me and rocked with me. He finally went to sleep. Me and Zach went to go to sleep because I was starting my first day of school of fashion tomorrow and I needed rest. We went to go to sleep.


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