Heyy I'm maggie cox I have been abused since I was 2 mom and dad went to jail when I was ten for doing it so I was sent to an orphanage and adopted my 1d.
I find a person at my school and start dating him but do I have feelings for Louis? Read to find out!!


10. fall break!

Maggie's p.o.v.

I wok up with Zach beside me and I remember lat night. I tried not to wake him up but the bed is really squeaky. Nobody was in my room besides us. They were probably down stairs. I tarted walking to the door when I heard noises out if my window. I went out on the porch in my room. I looked down and saw thousands of fans. Crap. "Maggie what are u doing up so early? And why are u screaming?" Zach said. "First if all it is 12:00 and second that screaming isn't me there are thousands if fans surrounding the house." I told him a bit sassy. "C'mon let's go downstairs and see."he said. I just saw that he didn't have a shirt on. He is very sexy! We went downstairs and nobody was there I looked out the window and they were all getting mobbed. "Ugh! Seriously?!??" I screamed. I would run out there but I would get mobbed to. I called Paul and he is on his way. Then I saw a black car that looked very familiar. "Omg! That is my parents car! I thought thy were in jail!" I screamed and cried at the same time. Two people with black masks came out of the car. I saw a metal thing in one of there pockets. I hope it isn't a knife or a gun. "Zach call the cops!!now!! No time for explaining. He called the cops and they are on the way right now. "Zach I'm scared!" I cried into his shoulder. "It's okay if I'm here. I will not let them touch u." I heard sirens and my parents ran in the black car. They started driving. Then the person driving looked out the window to see where the cops were and they flew over a bridge an into the water. "NOOOOOO!" I screamed as loud as I could. By now all the fans were silent an staring straight threw the window at me. I ran outside a went to go look at the bridge. There was one floating body. The other one was prob still in the car. I my have not liked ten but that doesn't mean I want them dead. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here right now. All of the fans went home. The boys and my friends came rushing over to me. All except Zach. He was talking to the cops. "Are u ok?" They all asked me. "N-n-no!" I said screaming and crying in there faces. "C'mon home and take a nap." Danielle said. I started home crying and screaming all the way there. The cop had gone over to the ambulance that was by the river. I walked in the house up to my room and cried my self to sleep.

*5 hours later*

I woke up Looking at my clock. 6:00 it read. Then I remembered something. I went into the bathroom and got out a razor. I put it up against my skin and went in once, two, three times. I went out and put a jacket in to cover where I was bleeding. I went downstairs to all of the others. Some were in the couch watching tv and some were in the kitchen eating. ( Niall ). "Hey maggie!" Katie said. " guys can we go out to eat I'm freaking hungry?!?!" I said. "Yes!" Said Niall jumping out if the kitchen. I swear he is related to the pig family. We walked out to the cars. The girls went in my car and the boys went in the van. We we're going to Nando's. Niall's choice. We walked in an ate. I was very sleepy. Even tho I took a five hour nap. So I fell asleep on the car ride back home. I felt somebody pick me up. I think it was Jake. He laid me down on my bed and covered me up. He left turning out the lights. I fell into a deep sleep.

* tmr at 3:00*

" I don't want to get up!!" I yelled in some bodies face. It wa silence for a minute then yet again water was splashed on me. "Oh u fucking bitch!" I yelled playfully. I saw Zach with a bucket in his hand looking scared. He started backing up. "You're gonna get it Zachary price!" I yelled in his face. J started running. I caught him halfway down the stairs. I pushed him down the stairs like I did to harry. But I do not pinch him. "What the hell!" I think Jackie screamed. "Okay so u go out to a club and have sex with another person and u say it's no big deal?!?!" I heard slaps and kicks. I ran down to the kitchen and saw Jackie on top of Jake. I didn't know they were dating. "Stop!" I yelled. But I don't think she heard because Jake was screaming in pain. I ran. Over to her trying to get her off of Jake but she is to heavy. "Guys come here! Quick!" I yelled at the top if my lungs. Everybody came downstairs looking curios. They saw Jackie and Jake. Zayn, harry, and Liam ran over to Jackie but she was to strong. It had to take all of us to get her off of him. I pulled all of the girls into the game room. "What the hell was that Jackie?" I yelled at her face. " oh.. Umm... Me and Jake started dating yesterday an when u went to sleep he went to a club. When he got back he was drunk and he said e had sex with this girl named katelyn." I started to tear up because that was my sisters name. "So I started beating him." She finished. "Go tell him your sry!" I told her threw gritted teeth. "Bu- "do it now!" I yelled. She ran out of the room where the boys were. I heard crying and sorry come from both of them. I heard a doorbell ring. I went downstairs to check it. I saw a girl about 16 years ok standing there. She looked kind of scared. "Do I know u?" I asked. "Yes u do... I'm your younger sister Katie bray." She answered. I started crying. She came in and sat on a couch. I came over there to. "How are u my sister? She died about 11 years ago?" I asked. "Oh yea about that... Umm... I didn't die. When I went to the hospital I had memory lost so I didn't remember anything. Mom and dad wanted me to come home but the doctors said I had to stay there until I got my memory back. I got it back the other day and they said I had to go to foster care I asked why and they said cause are parents our dead and if I have any family left I can go live with them... And u r my only family left... So.." She said. I think she as asking if she could live here. "If your asking to move here than u can. By the way mg friends our staying over for the week so it might be crowded. And u love with one direction." I said. She started getting all excited. By then everybody in the house were downstairs listening to what we have to say. "Oh and this is Kyle Jake Drew Austin Zach harry Louis Liam zayn and Niall. The girls are ally Jackie Danny Danielle Perrie and Katie... Which will be confusing now because we have to Katie's. Oh yea an I have a friend named Haley but she isn't here." I said. She looked really excited. I remember how she alway liked to meet new people. She got up and hugged everybody. "Okay let's play some games!" Danny yelled. We played hide in go seek until it was 11:11. We all ran outside and made a wish for 11:11. We ran back inside and went to sleep.

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