(WILL NOT BE CONT)Theres Something in the Mist | Purgatory

The Doctor finds himself in the middle of Purgatory, surrounded by monsters and with no way out he meets Dean Winchester whose looking for Castiel, with the alliance of Benny they find something far worse, somethings hiding, there's something in the mist! (Spn&Dw Crossover)


1. We're in Purgatory?


(Note that I'm using quotes from the episode and I own nothing related to either Supernatural or Doctor Who)

Dean Winchester and Castiel were just sent to Purgatory

(This chapter will be directly from Supernatural Season 7 finale, and I will get more into the story in the next chapter)

Chapter 1:


   Dean Winchester lay unconscious on the ground. He had just slain the Leviathan in charge of the chaos that had been happening since the Leviathans have gotten out of Purgatory. Dean woke to See Castiel standing next to him. "Dean, Wake up" Dean slowly sat up and looked around seeing only dark wilderness surrounding him. "We need to get out of here" Castiel looked worried and seemed to know exactly what has happened. Dean stood up brushing himself off. "Where are we?" Cas looked at Dean "You don't know?" Dean softy shook his head taking another look around through the thick mist. "Last I remember we ganked Dick" Cas looked worried as if something were after them. "And where would he go in death?" Dean couldn't answer for a moment when he realised where they were. "Wait, are you telling me..?" Castiel looked around hearing rustling in the bushes. "Every soul here is a monster, this is were they come to prey on each other for all eternity" Deans confusion quickly turned into fear. "We're in Purgatory?" There was movement in the mist, they were not alone, surrounded by monsters and completely helpless they hear a nearby scream followed by maniacal laughter.

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