Promise You'll Stay?

How would you like to be the winner of a once in a life time opportunity to go to a premier with the one and only Justin Bieber. Then feeling a special connection. And what? Falling in love? Well an 17 year old girl, Rylie Smith gets this chance. But what happens when her some what boyfriend back home finds out. Will the friendship last? What will happen with her and Justin? Will it work out? Read and find out!


6. Chapter 5

I woke up to someone that threw a pillow at me. I opened my eyes Jordan was standing right there. So I got threw the pillow right back at him.

"Hey! What was that for." Jordan said

"You started it. I was sleeping good with him too." I said with a pouty lip. "What is so important that you had to wake me up anyways hmmm....?"

"I want food." Jordan said begging.

"Of course you do. And that is just sooo important that you would have to wake me up." I said to him.

"Yes you know how important my food is." He said.

"Yes I know and how the hell are you not fat?" I asked

"Magic!" He said. "Now go make me fooooood"

"Ok ok calm your balls." I said hitting him there. He nearly fell to the floor. I was laughing. Noel looked soo cute sleeping so I figured i don't want to wake him up till I was done making breakfast. So I carefully crawled off the couch and tucked him back in. I grabbed out everything I was going to use to make breakfast. I am going to make eggs, chocolate chip pancakes, French toast, bacon, and sausage, oh an homemade orange juice. I wanted to make a big breakfast I really don't know why. Everyone went downstairs to play pool. I was cooking breakfast and someone came and gave me a hug.

"BOO!" A voice said will rapping their arms around me. I looked back.

"Holly SHIT! Noel don't do that you know I get scared easily." I said I stuck my butt out to push him away.

"Ooo dat ass doe." He said he smacked my ass and then started grinding on me.

"Stop Noel." I turned around giving him a kiss on the cheek. I was just wearing his shirt without pants on cause I don't care what everyone thinks they done care.

"You be lookin fine in my shirt." I looked down at his dick.

"Sorry, morning boner." He said I rolled my eyes and pushed him away

"I have to make breakfast it will be done in 10. Go get everyone." I told him. I set the table and placed everything at the little island in the middle of our kitchen. All of a sudden everyone came running in and quickly sat down well the girls were walking. They looked at me like I was supposed to serve them.

"What are you looking at me for get your lazy asses up and get it your self." I told them pointing to the food. The groaned and slowly walked up like it was a big deal. Then us girls went last. Just so we wouldn't get trampled.

"Ahem...?!" I said.

"Thank you Rylie."Arik said.

"Thank you Rylie." Everyone else said

"Oh sorry to be leaving so soon but I have to go after this. I have to babysit my sister." Rory said.

"Alright." I said. "What about the rest of you?"

"We are going to the skate party after this." Jordan said

"Fine I guess it's going to be just me and you Savannah. My parents and sisters are going to be home at noon. So I have to clean up a little." I told her.

"Okay I will help. Can we take the girls to the sledding hill. Pleeeasse." Savannah said. Savannah adores my sisters and they love her too. The youngest one is Brooklyn but we call her Brook and she is 5 and then Brynn and she is 8.

"Sure. That's fine. They will like that and they will be excited to see you." I said.

"We will stop by the hill text us when you are there." Noel said.

"Okay sounds good." I said

After we finished eating and once everyone left Savannah worked on cleaning the living room and I took care of the kitchen. I slipped on a pair of shorts and then realized I was still wearing Noel's shirt. Oh well if will have to give it back sometime else.... Or keep it. I liked this shirt it was black and white and said OBEY in black lettering. Right when both of us finished they walked in the door.

"Hi girls." Mom said.

"Hi." We both said. Brooklyn came running through she loved Savannah the most and Savannah loved her the most.

"Savannah!" Brook said running to give her a hug. Savannah picked her up and put her on her back.

"How are you!" Savannah asked her.

"Fabulous!" She said. Then Brynn came running and also gave Savannah a hug.

"Girls get off of her. You are going to make her fall over. And hey you don't even bother to say hi to your own sister, I'm heart broken." I said crossing my arms making a fake sad face. They were all giggling Savannah put Brook down. Then they came over and gave me a hug. Me and Savannah took the girls stuff up to their room. They share a room. When we got downstairs the girls were already sitting on the couch watching TV. They are so spoiled.

"Mom can we take the girls sledding?" I asked her.

"Of course they need to stop watching TV anyways." Mom said. "Girls want to go sledding?"

"Yay! Of course we do!" Brynn said. Me and Savannah grabbed some sleds from the garage and put them in my truck. We went back inside and they were already bundled up ready to go. Me and Savannah grabbed our stuff and we headed out the door.

"Buckle up girls." Savannah said. And of course they already were. We drove off. It took us about 20 minutes to get there. Before we got out I texted Noel that we are here


We are here at the hill if you are coming

Okay we will be there I'm 10

Okay see you the n

Alright I can't wait to see your sisters

Okay well hurry

Alright see u soon luv u <3

Love you too! <3

We had time to sled just the 4 for a little while and then the boys showed up. Noel came up to me and pushed me in the snow and started kissing me. Our lips moved in sync. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance I opened my moth and out tongues fought.

"Okay that's enough there are children here." Jordan said covering thee girls eyes. Noel got off of me.

"I want to go with Noel! I want to go with Noel!" Brynn said. She has the biggest crush on him it's so cute though since she is little. She always talks about how she is going to grow up and marry him someday. Noel always tells her how pretty she is and that she is his girlfriend to joke around and it's so funny the way she acts around him.

"I get to go with Jordan." Brook said Jordan grabbed her and put her on his shoulders and carried her and the sled up the hill. Everyone loves my sisters. I love them too they are like my little angles. I protect them with my life. After we were done sledding. I dropped Savannah off ather house and then went home. I can't wait for L.A. it's going to be so much fun. Time passed and I went to sleep.

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