Promise You'll Stay?

How would you like to be the winner of a once in a life time opportunity to go to a premier with the one and only Justin Bieber. Then feeling a special connection. And what? Falling in love? Well an 17 year old girl, Rylie Smith gets this chance. But what happens when her some what boyfriend back home finds out. Will the friendship last? What will happen with her and Justin? Will it work out? Read and find out!


20. Chapter 14

There he was. Noel. Kissing some chick. My heart felt like it dropped to my feet. I couldn't breath. It felt like someone stabbed me in the heart. I didn't know I still had feelings for him like this. My legs got weak and my crutches slipped out from under neath me. And I blacked out.

_5 minutes later_

???: Rylie! Rylie! Wake up! Common! Please. Wake up.

My eyes fluttered open. And Noel was leaning over me.

Noel: Oh. Rylie. Are you ok?!

Me: Noel, just get away from me I'm fine.

He backed away and his face was sad. I am sure he was just doing that because he was upset. Wait. Do I still have feelings for him. Or what? And I don't know. Is it going to work out between me and Justin. I mean when am I going to see him. Right now he is all the way on the other side of the country. I don't even know right now. We are so far away. And I have a better chance if I just forget about it. I tried to get up and couldn't by myself. So I just sat there. Noel came over and helped me up. I can't be away from him. Me am Noel are always going to have something. I couldn't resist I got up and hugged him. He hesitated a little bit. And eventually hugged me back. He rubbed my back. And whispered in my ear.

Noel: I'm sorry.

A tear dripped on his shirt. Why is my life so complicated. Two men have my heart. But I don't know which one is "The one". I whipped the tear away and he let out from the hug and grabbed my crutches. Ya I am mad at him. But I can't be. I love him. He started to walk away.

Me: Noel! Don't go.

He looked back and walked to me.

Me: Yes. I did hook up with somebody. But when I saw you kissing that girl. It crushed me. Noel I can't be away from you., love you.

Noel: Really?

Me: Yes, Noel I have always loved you. You have always been there for me. And the relationship I have is not going to work out. We live on opposite sides of the country. So forget about him. Noel I need you.

Noel: _walks closer to Me_

He looked into my eyes, and his adorable hazels eye always got to me. And then he kissed me. His soft lips, always, and I mean always gave me butterflies. I smiled into the kiss.

Noel: I love you so much Rylie. I did not kiss that girl. I want you to know that. That was my ex...

Me: Miranda?! Yuck. I always hated her. Why did you date her anyways.

Noel: That is a question that I don't even know the answer to.

Me: So, are we good?

Noel: Rylie it's not gonna happen this easily. You practically cheated on me.

Me: we were never dating.

Noel: Yes, I know that. But... Just. Never mind.

Me: You never answered my question.

Noel: Ehh...

_i punch him in the shoulder._

Noel: Sure. We're "good" _using finger quotes._

I rolled my eyes and he laughed a little. We went into Starbucks and I told him the whole story and stuff. I went to a couple of stores. And of course Noel came with me. I went into Pink. Cause I had a $150 gift card from my aunt. I was looking around and a manager came up to me. Well at least i thought she was the manager

Kaitlyn: Hello, I am the head executive of Victoria's Secret. One of our last models quit on us, and we wanted to look in some newer places for some models. You have the looks and the type of body we are looking for.

Me: What at you saying?

Kaitlyn: I would like to ask you to come down to the store tomorrow to take test shots and see if you look nice on camera as well as in person.

I looked at Noel, and he nodded at me to say yes.

Me: Yes, I would be honored.

Kaitlyn: Great! May I ask your name?

Me: Rylie. Rylie Smith.

Kaitlyn: Nice to meet you Rylie. We will be looking forward to seeing you at the pre shoot tomorrow at 3:00 sharp.

Noel smiled. I'm picked out everything I wanted and checked out. After that we he drove to his house and I drove to mine. Later he said he was going to come over. I missed him to be honest.

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