Promise You'll Stay?

How would you like to be the winner of a once in a life time opportunity to go to a premier with the one and only Justin Bieber. Then feeling a special connection. And what? Falling in love? Well an 17 year old girl, Rylie Smith gets this chance. But what happens when her some what boyfriend back home finds out. Will the friendship last? What will happen with her and Justin? Will it work out? Read and find out!


13. Chapter 10

I woke up to Justin being gone. Then I saw rose peddles leading to the little closest. I got up and when over there. I opened it and there was flowers and a note. The note read:

Hey babe,

I had an amazing time last night and I can't wait to do that again! Meet me at my room 1969 on floor 10 at 2:00.

Love, Justin

Aww. I looked over at the clock. SHIT! It's 1:00 already! Then I realized Justin cleaned up. Awe! He is so sweat. But there is one thing that he didn't clean up. The condom. I picked it up and took it it the trash. Wow... Did I really make him do all that last night?! I smirked. And threw it away. I went to jump in the shower. I shaved, washed my hair and the rest of my body. I jumped out and went to pick out my clothes. I grabbed my gray sweater that said Wisconsin on it, and then my denim short shorts. I ran downstairs.

"Well hello Sleeping Beauty! Your finally awake." Dad said.

"I know I must have been tired. Where are you guys going?" I asked.

"The beach. If you don't want to come right now we got another rental car for you." Mom said.

"Really? Thanks! Ya I'm not gonna go right now cause I have to finish getting ready." I said.

"Alright. We will give you the name of the beach and then you can just look at it on your GPS on your phone." Dad said.

"Ry will you come swimming with us once you get there?? PLEEEAASE!" Brynn said. She calls me ry sometimes. Hahaha.

"Ya! Pretty please with a cherry on top!" Brooklyn said and they both were making pouty faces.

"Of course I will!" I said giving them a hug.

"Ok Rylie. The keys are on the counter. The car is parked on the parking garage this level. And text me before you leave I'll make sure to check my phone." Mom said.

"Alright. Thank you!" I said and they walked out the door. Shit it's 1:30. I ran upstairs and dried my hair. I left it at its natural wave. I only put a little make up on. And just put on flip-flops. I grabbed my phone and the room key. I ran downstairs and left. I walked down the hallway that felt endless. Until I got to an elevator. I took it up to floor 10 then went to his room. I knocked on the door. He opened it, and I ran up and jumped on him. And looked into his eyes.

"Your eyes are beautiful." He said moving his hands lower to my butt. I blushed. He kissed me and then put me down.

Nobody else was in the room. But the bed was huge! We went to go sit on it.

"This is a water bed?!" I said.

"Yup." He said smirking. "We should have been here last night."

I pushed him over and sat on top. I didn't wear a bra because I didn't care for now. His eyes widened and be looked down my shirt. Then he pushed me over and sat on top of me.

"Gotch ya!" He said. "So what do you want to do today?"

"Well my parents are the beach with my sisters. Do you mind if we go? I promised them. And I'll just tell my parents I met up with you."

"Sounds like a plan! Wait... What if we meet up with your parents then I take you guys to a private beach where the water is really blue. Cause of the paparazzi." He said.

"Sure that would be fun." I said. He changed into his swimsuit and then we went to my suit. When we got there I ran upstairs. I brought a lot of swimsuits so I have some to choose from.

"Which one?" I asked laying then all out.

"Either the black one with the sparkles, or the strapless one." He said.

I grabbed the black one just incase my top where to fall. I put all of them into a drawer and then started to change.

"Don't look." I said covering myself up not actually meaning it. He looked away but I knew he was still gonna look. Justin came up behind me and grabbed me. I giggled.

Justin's POV

When she started to change I couldn't resist. She giggled so I knew she was blushing.

"Aha! Justin!" She said turning around.

"Come on... I can't resist. Pleeease..." I said pouting. She rolled her eyes Nd pushed me on the bed.

"Fine. But you are going to owe me." She said.

She crawled on the bed still shirtless which was making it even bigger. And then she got off.

"What's wrong?" I said. She didn't answer but instead she pulled her pants off too. Damn! She is.... Perfect! She kneeled over the top of me. I wonder what she is going to do. Until stuck two fingers up herself. Oh damn! She must really want to toucher me. She thrusted them in and out for about 5 minutes. She took her fingers out which where full of it. She then rubbed her fingers down my chest and pulled down my pants. Ok. It was seriously so big it touched me stomach. She bit her bottom lip. She grabbed it with one hand and kissed the top. She licked around the top. And either the other hand that was still a little wet from her started stroking it up and down. She put more in her mouth and started sucking. I moaned. And she started sucking harder. I instantly started cuming in her mouth. She pulled it out a littler and licked around the top. And started sucking on the top. I kept moaning. After a little but it stopped and she pulled it out. She kissed the top and got up to change.

Rylies POV

When I was done I got up to change. I was thinking. About Noel again. He is going to be so mad. Oh well. Justin made makes me feel special. I just hope it will last. Cause he is famous and I'm just an ordinary girl. I don't know. I slipped on my bottoms then my shorts over them. Justin pulled his swim trunks back up.

"Justin can you help me?" I asked.

"Of course." He said.

He came behind me and I lifted my hair up while he tied my swimsuit. He kissed my neck. Then he started sucking on it.

"Justin.." I moaned. He eventually stopped. "Did it leave a mark?"

"Sorry." He said.

"It's ok." I said. I grabbed my flouncy Yankton crop top that was blue and said Beach Babe in red letters. Justin smirked and I pecked his check.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you more." I said. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me up against him. He looked me in the eyes and then kissed me passionately. Our lips moved in sync and I felt shivers down my spindle. Hen then stuck his tongue in my mouth. We pulled apart once my phone rang. It was my mom.

"Hi sweetie are you coming?" Mom asked.

"Yes I am leaving now. Hey guess what! Justin I at our hotel can he come?" I asked.

"Of course!" She said.

"But he is going to take us to this private beach cause of the papz." I said.

She said that's fine and then we hung up. We went downstairs and I grabbed the keys and went to the parking garage. I clicked the alarm button to find the car and t was a convertible. We got in the car and Justin grabbed my hand. I drove off to the beach. it was awesome we had the top down. And all that matters came on. Justin sang along.

Oh oh, just as sure as the stars in the sky

I need you to show me the light

Not just for the meanwhile

for a long long time

Better believe it

Oh oh, whenever you're not in my presence

It feels like I'm missing my blessings, yeah

So I sleep through the daylight

stay awake all night

'Til you're back again, oh, yeah, yeah

You think I'm biased

To my significant other

You hit it right on the head

Only been missing my lover

Got a whole lotta texts on my phone and I don't reply

The next eight bars tell you why

You're all that ma

The wind was knocked out of me the airbag came out and punched me in the face.the windshield shattered and glass came at me. Which felt like a bunch of tony needles hitting me. I heard the sounds of sirens. And everything slowly went black.

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