Bradley is smoking hot. He's a man whore. Every girl wants to jump in his pants not to mention a few guys. But then, there's Shay. She hates everything about him, from his floppy hair to his Australian accent.
Shay is a bookworm. She reads and reads and reads. If she's not reading she's dancing in her mother's studio.
Somehow Bradley finds this ever so endearing and tries his very hardest to get her attention. But of course he'll never get it.


9. 9

Shay's POV

Goddamn. Goddamn me for inviting him inside. Goddamn him for kissing me. Goddamn Peter being so suspicious all the time. I took Jake out of his car seat and walked up to the door. I had an urge to shut the door on his face, but like a robot I held it open, maybe it was how tall he was or how muscly he was but for a second, I was scared of him. Then, he looked at me smiling and whatever fear I had blew away with the wind. I smiled back as Jake slowly started falling asleep in my arms. 

"I'm gonna go put him in his bed," I nodded towards his door.

"Okay.." I carried my sleepy son to his room and set him on the mattress. It was a warm night so I left his covers off.

"I love you." I whispered. I turned and walked out to find the tv on. I smiled at how relieved I felt. I thought he would try something. "What are you watching?" 

"American Horror Story." 

"You can't watch that! What if Jake-"

"Shay, that boy was knocked out. Beside's he won't understand it." I rolled my eyes and sat on the other side of the couch. "What are you doing? Sit here." He patted the spot right next to him. I looked at him, he continued to watch the tv. I rolled my eyes and scooted to the designated spot. He put his arm around me. I tensed. "Shay. I'm not trying to..." he sighed. "I'm not like him. I would never do that to you. I wouldn't dream of it." I took a deep breath and he took his arm from around me. "I'm sorry." 

"Me too."

Rape and murder and ghosts blurred in my vision. I wasn't into this kind of stuff. Never was never will be, but Brad was pretty into it. He was so cute narrating everything. I snuggled into him. He froze for a second, just a quick second, then put his arm around my shoulders. 

"This show is insane." I giggled. Holy shit... giggle? Me? No way. 

"It's good though don't you think?" 

"It's unrealistic."

"TV isn't for realism. It's for entertainment. Watch a documentary if you want realistic."

"Some shows have some sort of realism. Bones, Pretty Little Liars."

"Wait what?! Pretty little liars and Bones are two different things."

"Yes exactly."

"But they're both cliche."

"And this isn't?"

"No it's not cliche. It's classic."

"Classic? Yeah okay." I scoffed. 

"What? This is classic."

"No Bram Stoker's Dracula is a classic horror movie. The Cat and the Canary is a classic horror movie."

"Yes but this is a classic Horror series." 

"Don't tell me you watch Supernatural."

"Actually I do."



"Vampire Diaries."

"Hot girls. Lot's of blood."

"Outrageously stupid."

"Sexy and thrilling."


"Dark Comedy."

"Comedy?!" I jumped up. "No."

"Yes! He's a blood spatter detective, he helps solve murders but, he kills serial killers! It's irony!"

"It's idiotic!"

"So is Pretty Little bitches!"

"Forget I said anything about them. I meant Switched at birth." I was pacing as he stood from his spot on the couch.  

"That's still not likely to happen!"

"It's a common fear in any parent's life!"

"Oh yeah, because I wouldn't be suspicious if I had a Hispanic boyfriend and gave birth to a red head!" He was in my face now, laughing. 

"Don't laugh at me." I shrugged. 

"I'm sorry did that get to heated for you?" He whispered. Can it please get more heated?

"Uh.. um...  no." Our silence was interrupted by my loud breathing. He took a step closer to me and our noses were almost touching. He smelled so good. I could feel him inhaling me, taking in every curve of my body. "You want me." I gasped at my own words. He looked a little shocked but quickly recovered.

"Definitely." He grabbed my waist, bringing my body to his. I was always so much smaller than him but now it seems like he's towering me. His blue eyes grew darker, his grip a little tighter. "I'm gonna kiss you now." He waited for me to protest, and when I didn't he dipped his head down. His lips brushed mine slowly, slowly, softly.

"Fuck this." I wrapped my arms around his neck forcing his lips to mine. His hands wrapped around my thighs and he pushed my up against the wall. His tongue danced with mine as his hands snaked up my stomach. I gasped as his hands cupped my breasts. I should stop it. Yes i should stop it, but it feels good... His lips trailed down my neck and I felt something hard on my thigh. "I can't!" I shouted pushing him off of me. His eyes widened.

"I'm sorry... I didn't..."

"You should go." I squeezed my eyes shut.

"I'm so sorry."

"It's fine, I'm fine, just you should go. It's getting late." It was only 6:30, but I was exhausted.

"Right... well um... I'll see you next weekend. Have a great Monday." He turned on his heel and walked out the door.

"Fuck, Shay."

Brad's POV

"Fuck, Brad." I raked my fingers through my hair as I walked across the street.

"Don't fuck with her." A voice came from behind me. I spun around to see Peter standing in the driveway. "She doesn't deserve that. I made the mistake of doing it once. I know you have too. This time, don't. She's broken, even though she seems strong enough for everything. She's not."

"I know."

"Well then do something about it! Do you love her?"

"No." I said to quickly. "She doesn't love me either."

"Really? Then who does she love?"

"Y-" I remember her voice telling me that she doesn't love Peter, I couldn't lie to him. "She doesn't love anyone. She doesn't trust anyone enough."

"If you have one human bone in your body, you'll back off. She doesn't need you, you can't give her anything. I can. I have a future, a career. I'm good for her and I love her and I won't hurt her."

"She's bored with you. I can tell. She misses me."

"She wants you, but you... you can't be given to her."

"I'm not a fucking toy."

"You act like one. I wonder how many STD's you have."

"None I'm clean as a whistle."

"Yeah a whistle that's been used over and over and..."

"Look I don't want her. You can have her!"

"Then I don't ever want to see you in her house again. I don't ever want to see you kiss her again."

"I can't promise you that. You know what now that you say that... I think I might just fuck her. You haven't gotten into her pants yet have you? You wish you could don't you? Well that's really gonna suck when she leaves you for me. And I'll have her all-" I was cut off when Peter's fist came in contact with my jaw.

"Don't you dare talk about her like that!" I stumbled and rubbed my jaw. 

"You're gonna regret that."

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