Does She Know? *LARRY FAN FIC*

Daddy, why does Daddy look upset? Why does he have marks on his arms? Was it the cat again.
I look down at our Daughter, Darcy. Unable to tell her about what's wrong with her father. What was wrong with me either.

*No longer a Short Story*


3. El and Nando's

Louis' POV-
We all slip into our seats, staring a conversation while waiting for our El, Danielle and Kate to show up. We must have been talking for a good 20 minutes when I got a call "Hey guys! It's el calling!" I quickly answer and put the phone to my ear "Hey babe, where are you?" "I was just about to ask you the same thing..." "Well I'm at Nando's waiting for you..." "And I'm at Nando's waiting for you..." "How could that work?" I questioned, god this was getting confusing. "I have no idea..." She sighed, suddenly an idea popped into my head "El... I think you are at the wrong Nando's" I hear a chorus of all the boys, Perrie and Samantha telling me to put speaker phone on. I quickly find the icon and throw the phone onto the table in fear of my hand being ripped of. "What? I can't be..." She questions "What Nando's are you at hun?" Perrie questioned "Umm, the one outside our hotel, like you said..." We all burst into fits of laughter "We meant the closest hotel to the Arena..." Samantha says in between laughs. Suddenly the inbetweeners dance pops into my head "Inbetweeners Dance, Go!" I scream. All the boys, Perrie and Sam join in and I'm almost sure that el and the others were as well because the phone was moving from their end and it could be heard from our and "And stop!" Niall shouts, but no-where near as loud as me, and all the movement in the phone stopped as well "Wow, we haven't done that in a long time!" Harry looks at me "How long has it been Lou?" "A week Hazza..." I reply sarcastically "Mr Sassy pants here!" "Not my fault you are being an idiot Hazza bear!" "I am not an idiot!" His voice raising slightly "Yes you are Hazza!" "No I'm not!" "Hazza's an Idiot! Hazza's an Idiot!" I bellow, people started looking at us and laughing at my stupidity "I'm not an Idiot Louis, you are!" He got up and stormed away "Louis, you really know how to push it too far..." Samantha and Perrie state, shaking their heads. I quickly hop out of my seat in search of Harry.

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