Does She Know? *LARRY FAN FIC*

Daddy, why does Daddy look upset? Why does he have marks on his arms? Was it the cat again.
I look down at our Daughter, Darcy. Unable to tell her about what's wrong with her father. What was wrong with me either.

*No longer a Short Story*


7. Another?

Niall's POV-
What have I done? I'm an Idiot, I was supposed to shoot myself not Louis. I quickly crawl over to Louis and apply pressure to his stomach, where I shot him. Why did I do that? I should have known he would try to stop me. I can hear Zayn sobbing from outside the door, they think we're both dead "Z-zayn...." I whimper "Niall. NIALL!!" He realises I'm still alive "H-help" I whimper "Niall, are you ok! Where are you hurt?" He questions "I-I'm not hurt...." I scream "N-no..." I hear his voice trail off "Niall, I need you to open the door." He calls "I-I can't, I gotta keep the pressure on him" I cry. "Niall how did you get in?" "The Window... I locked it thou" I cry into Louis' chest "Quickly unlock it then" Zayn calls "O-okay" I take my hands of Louis' stomach, crimson red covering my hands, I quickly unlock the window and run back to Louis' lifeless body. Seconds later Zayn is climbing through the window, almost breaking it with the weight he's putting on it. He looks up to see Louis' body, shock and Horror run through his features see's "No..." he whispers, tears coming to his eyes, he quickly jumps down. Landing on the tile ground that is now covered in Louis' blood. The blood seeping through the cracks in the tiles, making me sick with myself. Zayn quickly removing the barricade Louis made, he throws the door open, narrowly missing Louis' head. "Liam!" He shouts, straight away Liam sprints through the door and looks at Louis on the ground "What have you done?" He whispers, bringing tears to my eyes. I knew it was my fault, Liam quickly dials the hospital while Zayn is helping me cover the bullet wound.
"Family only." The paramedic states, we knew we couldn't lie 'cause we're in the #1 boyband in the world "Please! His closest family is Hours away, can one of us please come?" The Paramedic thinks to himself for a moment before finally agreeing "One of you..." They ended up on deciding that Zayn should go with them, I watch as the ambulance pulls out of Harry's driveway and turns the corner. Leaving me alone with Liam.

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