Does She Know? *LARRY FAN FIC*

Daddy, why does Daddy look upset? Why does he have marks on his arms? Was it the cat again.
I look down at our Daughter, Darcy. Unable to tell her about what's wrong with her father. What was wrong with me either.

*No longer a Short Story*


1. After


Daddy, why does daddy look so sad all the time?
I've seen him crying in your room,
He tells me there is no problem,
But I know that's not true,
Is it something that happened,
Something that I do,
Please tell me,
'Cause it's hurting me too.


I saw Daddy walk to the bathroom,
And he came out with tears,
I ask what happened to his arm,
He says it's the cat I haven't seen in years,
He looked so broken,
I've heard the things they say,
What causes people,
To look at my Daddy's that way,
I know that they are both hurting,
Daddy Lou is trying to be strong,
I've seen his scratches too,
I said 'It can't be the same cat hurting you all along'
I don't know what for,
Daddy left me all alone,
Sitting on the floor,
Uncle Li picked me up that day,
And took me away,
Told me my Daddy's needed a little time and space.

We came home with Uncle Li the next day and guess what I saw,
Daddy and Daddy Lou lying on the floor,
They wouldn't move or respond when I would scream,
Uncle Li was in tears,
Staring at the scene,
Funny stuff surrounded them,
It was white and red,
Things they told me never to take,
Even though they ended up instead,
The red stuff was surrounding them,
I guess it was the cat,
Uncle Li dragged me to the next room,
I saw the computer open,
My reading needed to improve,
But I read something's about my Dad's,
Things like they said to me at school,
Things like they were fools,
They were gay and stuff.
Uncle Niall and Uncle Zayn came into the room,
Told me we needed to go,
And I asked them what the computer said,
Uncle Zayn shut the computer,
and threw it across the room,
Told me it was nothing,
and It didn't matter too.

I look around the place we are at,
And everyone is dressed in black,
I was in the front row,
Next to my uncles I sat,
I asked them where my Daddy's were and they simply told me,
That they were stars that burned to bright,
The angels took them away,
And put them where they belonged,
I asked them what that one word meant,
And they shook it away,
It's nothing, they told me,
Nothing at all,
I knew they were hiding something from me,
Even though I was 4,
They told me I was going to live with Uncle Li and Aunty Danielle,
I sat back and listened to my uncles yell,
This was the first time I had seen my uncles fight,
Uncle Niall got a punch in the face,
I sat there and waited for it to be over,
Before uncle Niall left he gave me a necklace with a 4 leaf clover,
Uncle Zayn gave me a blanket.
I didn't want to let them go,
They told me I wouldn't see them for a while,
Little did I know.

I'm 16 now and I haven't seen them since,
I wear the necklace Uncle Niall gave me,
I don't get teased for that anymore,
We moved to Australia and I got another Dad,
And a mum, I wished I would have had,
I've been told of what had happened to Daddy and Daddy Lou,
I can't stand fighting another day,
I'm about to make the same Mistake too,
I'm Darcy Tomlinson-Styles and I miss my Dad's,
Now I'm going to meet them,
Wrapped in Uncle Zayn's Blanket
And made up for the 12 years we never had.

I will always remember the last thing Daddy Lou tweeted,
I guess it was because that was when I should have known he quitted.


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