Academy for the Dramatic

Candace is finally leaving to go to The Academy for the Dramatic in New York City. This is quite a drastic change for her, because she has always lived in San Fransisco, CA. Will Candace do amazingly in school? Will she do terribly? Maybe some certain guys will be able to help her find her way.


6. Quite Rude, That One

 Candace's POV

 I've been out of the hospital for about 4 and a half weeks now, and Niall has had to do everything for me. Grocery shopping, cleaning my room, unpacking my things, getting me food, things like that. I would do it all by myself, but doctor's orders, I can't drive until after 5 weeks. School starts on Monday of the 5th week, so I should be good to drive.

 Me and Niall have gotten really close in the last few weeks, but I still can't believe I haven't met any of his friends yet. And I know he has at least one friend, because I saw him in the hallway when Niall first handed me that note. Who knows why he was just carrying a note around with his name and number on it? I have no idea.

 "Hey Ni?" I called to him.

 "What Candace?" He asked me.

 "Why haven't I met any of your friends yet?" He had a puzzled look on his face.

 "Oh that's right, you haven't! Oh well." He shrugged off.

 "What do you mean by 'Oh well'?" I questioned him.

 "I don't know. Besides, why do you want to meet them anyways?"

 "Because I-I-I don't know. I just do! Gosh, I sound needy. I'm sorry." I apologized.

 "It's fine. You can come over to my room and meet the boys. Now if you want."

 "That would be great!" I'm so excited that I get to meet some of his guy friends!

 Niall's POV

 There was a reason I didn't want her to meet the boys, I just couldn't tell her. I didn't want to have the risk of one of the other guys taking her away from me. I think I'm beginning to love her. I can't let her slip away that easily. I texted the guys and told them to come to my room as quickly as possible. 

 "Kay, you ready Candace?" I called to her.

 "Yep! Coming!" She came running down the hallway, grabbing her purse off of the hook and sliding towards the door, and opened it. 

 "Ready?" She asked me turning around.

 "Uh, yeah. Let's go." I answered.

 "Where is your room?" Candace asked me.

 "Here, just follow me." I walked her to my room, which was just a few doors down on the other half of the hallway. I unlocked my door, and all of the boys were sitting on my couch. 

 Candace's POV

 When we walked in, I saw some pretty good looking males sitting on Niall's couch. I was stunned.

 "This is Louis" Niall stated, pointing at a guy with brown hair and blue eyes.

 "This is Zayn" Niall said, pointing to a boy with black hair, and a bit of a go-T.

 "This is Liam" A guy with brown hair and brown eyes.

 "And this is Harry" The last boy had curly brown hair and green eyes.

 "And guys, this is Candace!" He introduced me. Louis then patted the seat next to him, gesturing for me to sit down by him. I went over towards him and sat.

 "So Candace, what are you majoring in?" Harry asked me.

 "Voice and Drama" All of the boys seemed interested except for that Liam dude. He just sat there on the couch not paying any attention to me, or anyone else at all. Quite rude, that one.


I know pretty crappy chapter, and I'm not going to make an excuse. So I'm sorry, but the next one will be better! Love you guys forever and always!

 xoxo, karalyn_joy3

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