Academy for the Dramatic

Candace is finally leaving to go to The Academy for the Dramatic in New York City. This is quite a drastic change for her, because she has always lived in San Fransisco, CA. Will Candace do amazingly in school? Will she do terribly? Maybe some certain guys will be able to help her find her way.


2. Checking In


 I have just arrived at the Academy for the Dramatic in New York City! This campus is huge! It is so unbelievable! There are many massive brick buildings, towering at what looks like 8 stories high!

 I walk up to the lady at the check-in table, and recite my name.

 "Candace Parker."

 "Candace Parker, Candace Parker, Candace Parker... Ah-Hah! Here ya go sweetie!" the lady joyfully said, handing me a sticker with my name, and what looks like my room number.

 "Just go right this way to the man in the white pants!" the lady instructed me.

 "Alright! Thank you!"

 I walked to the man, and he looked at my sticker.

 "Alright Candace! Now the number on your sticker is your room number, also it is your table number, well the first digit anyway. So since your sticker says 4-C, you will sit at table 4. Simple?" he asked me.

 "Simple! Can I find my room now?" I asked.

 "Well of course Miss Parker! Just through those doors."

 I started to the doors with my mom and dad close behind me. We reached the elevator and climbed in.

 "I can't wait to see what your room looks like Candace!" my mom exclaimed.

 "Me either!" I answered.

 The elevator doors opened, and we all stepped out into the hallway. I walked down to the door that was marked C, and saw that it had no keyhole.

 "Oh sorry sweetie! I almost forgot! Here is your card!" my dad said.

 "Thanks." I took the card, and waved it in front of the handle, and a little light turned from red to green, signalling that the door was unlocked. I opened the door, and my jaw dropped. It was so huge! I can't wait to make this my own! My dad dragged the bags in, and had the same look my mother did: amazement. They literally couldn't talk.

 "And it looks like this is what I'm spending my money on right here." my dad said.

 "Candace, you and I are going to have to get started right away! Let's go!" my mom said pulling me back out to the elevator.

*5 hours full of shopping and decorating later*

 "Candace! Don't you think it looks great?" my mom asked excitedly.

 "It looks amazing!"

*Here is a "picture"*

 *Next morning*

 My parents left yesterday, and I have a week before classes and school actually start. And trust me, I am in desperate need of new clothes! I grabbed my purse, and headed out of my room.

 When I stepped out of my room, some guys about my age, were walking by in the hall. I suddenly looked down at my feet, feeling insecure. Little did I know that one of the guys would be blocking my path. I looked up right before I was about to run into him.

 "Oh, sorry. Excuse me." I said trying to go around him, but he just kept stepping in front of me, with a smirk on his face.

 "Okay look- I'm tired, I just woke up. I'm hungry, and I need food. So please move." I said sassily.

 "Oh, sorry." As I walked by he slipped a note in my hand. I took it, and stuffed it in my purse, and walked past him to the elevator.

 "Hmm. He wasn't to bad looking!"

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