Is This Love?

Rin Yamamoto and Haru Fujioka have been childhood friends since birth. They've always been living next door to each other and always thought of each other as siblings. One day Rin had to move to Kyoto due to her father's business when she was five. After ten years she is now back in Tokyo returning to her old house. She soon meets Haru again but she noticed there was a change in him. He no longer considers her as his friend.


1. back home

10 years ago...

"Haruu! Wait up!" I yelled across the park field to my friend Haru. "Bleh! You're such a slowpoke Rin." He yelled back sticking out his tongue. Tears started coming to my eyes. I've always been a crybaby especially when Haru teases me. I tripped over a rock while running and my tears bursted out. "Uwahahahhhh!!" Haru stopped running and ran back to me. "What's wrong Rin?!" He asked wide eyed. I wanted to tell him that I really hate it when he teases me but I couldn't due to my tears. Then, I felt his warm hands on my head and he started patting me. My tears were instantly gone. Looking up at him he looked like a prince protecting a little girl like me. He spoke "Sorry Rin. I hurt you again. I'm sorry." Then he sinked to the ground and looked like as if he was about to cry too. I patted his head and he looked up with bits of tears in his eyes. "It's fine Haru. Even if you hurt me at the end you always come back to apologize. It's alright Haru, I'm not hurt." Then I gave him a smile. He looked at me for a second and replied "Thanks." And smiled back. Together we raced in the park but this time together side by side.


"..hey! Wake up!" I slowly opened my eyes slightly. My chocolate colored hair was in my face but in front of me was a boy, probably my age. He had gorgeous emerald eyes and ruffled hazel hair. He was wearing a high school uniform too and looked like a gentle person. His eyes gave me a comfortable feeling, like Haru. "Are you getting off? We're is Akishima, Tokyo. It's the last stop." My eyes flew open. "Oh! Thank you for waking me up. I got to go now." And I raced out the train exit. Behind me a heard a small but loud "You're welcome!" I bet it was that guy, and I smiled.

I took a taxi to my house. It was and old house but not that damaged. It's just an everyday house you would see in Japan. I moved to Kyoto when I was five due to my father's job. My mother died in a car accident on her way to work a few years after we moved. My father is thinking of getting remarried too. Without my mother we've been having financial problems and one day my father asked if I wanted to move back to Tokyo while he stays back. And of course I agreed. I didn't want to put stress on my father. He offered to send money each month but I refused and told him I'll find a job. So that's why I'm back in Tokyo to our old house. We didn't sell this house when moving to Kyoto because it had all our memories in it. It was the place my parents first lived in, where I was born, and the place I met Haru. I took out the old key out of my bag and unlocked the door. Slowly it opened.

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