Joker's Daughter

**Set during Bruce Wayne's time as The Batman** The telling of Joker's first daughter. The one he had with his ex-wife before he accidently killed her. Her name? Poison. Poison Joker. She is only eighteen and her father's dirty little secret. What will happen when she comes to visit Gotham? How will a certain Dark Knight react? And even better, how will her Daddy and his new family react? ***yellow due to some violence and gore scenes.***

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


3. Love? Sorry, I'm Crazy!

"Batsy!" I called out excited to see his return. 

"Joker," his deep voice called out all mysteriously. 

I giggled at it. It sounded like he had a cold or something. 

"Who is this?" He wasn't being mean. In fact, he was being almost cordial. Like he and Daddy have a deeper relationship than locking up Daddy in Arkam and Daddy killing people off because it's fun. 

"Me? Little old me?" I asked with a "sickeningly" (depends on if you're me and Daddy. It wasn't sickening.) creepy smile. 


"Why don't you tell 'em, Daddy?" I whispered to him, trying to infuriate Batsy. 

It didn't work, he just did the same with his cute little sidekick. And then, a Baby Bat showed up out of nowhere. 

"Whaa...What di...d I mii...sss?" She gasped out. 

I giggled the family laugh. 

"Hiya, sweetheart!" I said to draw the attention to me.

I nonchalantly tossed a gas can of Joker Gas at her, testing her reaction time. She wasn't bad. Not good, but not bad. She flinched and Batsy tossed it away like a rag doll. I was beginning to like him. 

"BatGirl." Batman growled at her. 

"Hey Big Man!" She said to him, clearly not wanting to talk about it. 

"Late?" He prompted. 

"Uhhhh.... Homework?"

Bird Boy laughed. 

"Shut up, Robin!" She said as she smacked him on the back of the head. 

"So, Batsy, your posse is made up of school children? Let me guess, Bird Boy is your son?" I said with a smirk. 

Robin (well, now I know his pseudo name) blanched. "Hhh....ooowww?" 

Batman smacked him on the head now. "Shut up!" He mumbled to Robin. 

I grinned. "So, it's true?" 

No one answered me. 

"Poison..." Daddy growled. 

"Right! Sorry, Mistah J." I said, enjoying to get to mock the Idiot. Her daughters hissed and growled at me. I just blew them a kiss with a wink. 

Daddy just laughed. Good, I was back on his good side. But, really, I'm the only one who ever really is on his good side. Whether or not it's the Twitty Twins or their Idiot Mother. Hahaha! Take that, Idiot Family! 

"As I was trying to say, before I was so adorably interrupted, is that this wonderful, funny, energetic girl here is my true daughter!! My one heir. Poison Ace Joker. And yes, her mother and my former wife longer on this earth if you will. Hahahaha! Spitting image of me, don't you think?" Daddy said, pulling me closer to him, to make it easier for the Flock to get a good look at me and him and to see the resemblances. 

Batman looked utterly terrified by the new information. Baby Bat looked shocked, as if she could not comprehend how someone could possibly marry and procreate with my father. 

I giggled and wiggled my fingers at them. Then, I did a daring thing. I walked away--okay, I jumped, did some gymnastic moves and danced--from Daddy to Batsy. I went straight to him and leaned against him. 

He leaned back from me and have me a skeptical look. 

Good, he doesn't hate me. Hehehe! 

So, I followed through with my plan and said, "Have you ever been this close to a Joker before?," he shook his cute little Batman face at me. I giggled and then continued on, "Well, you're about to become a lot closer." And with that, I kissed him on the mouth. 

I was about to pull away, when something odd happened. He grabbed my shoulders and kissed me back? That's not what I was going for! I just wanted to freak him out. And maybe be able to say that I hugged him then kissed him.) 

I pulled away, and looked at his eyes. They were sparkling. 

I like them...wait! NO! I am a JOKER! Keep it up, girl! Let's get back to Daddy!! 

I backed away with a glare. "Daddy, he kissed me." I growled. 

Batsy held up my belt that was full of Joker Gas. Robin and BatGirl made "ohhh...okay!" faces and then actually said it. 

I glowered at them and growled. Daddy pulled out his switch blades and tossed me the one I threw at him. I caught it between my first two fingers. Without even looking at it. I pulled out my blood-soaked one that I cut Idiot with. 

Speaking of which, she must've awoken during my escapade to Batsy because she was up and her Twitty Twins were flocking around her like chicks to a Mother Hen. 

I winked at them and tossed the bloodstained knife at them. It ripped off Idiot's masked hat, and showed her "secret" identity. How nobody knew she was Dr. Harleen Quinnzelle is a mystery to me. 

The Bat Flock gasped. Well, except for Batman and BatGirl. They seemed to have figured this out already. 

Daddy glared and raised an eyebrow at me. I just shrugged and said, "Sorry, Daddy! Slip of the wrist!" 

He rolled his eyes and we advanced on the Bat Flock together. Me jumping and cartwheeling and flying and dodging over everything and everywhere. Daddy went for the classic approach. 

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