My Heros One Direction

Hi im Macy i'm 17yrs old my full name is Macy Cullens im from london and i get bullied alot but im used to it im sorta girly sorta tomboy but i dont wanna ruin your reading so WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!


4. the showing of school

  Niall's pov 

  Wow the brunette that walked in was so mean to Macy and what i said was true i think i love her. No niall you cant you just met her "and thats it" she said and we compared classes and we have everything together so thats good.

 Macy's pov

  i saw niall staring in space he was so cute we had everything together is that good? i guess it is.  they went to use the loo so i was left alone till someone bumped into me Chloe and Max CRAP!!!! Did i mention jay,max,nathan,tom,and siva are the wanted? no sorry i guess i didnt Max is the worst dont talk to him and he'll KILL YOU!!! anyway they beat me and he punched my chest and i screamed the boys ran out and they chased max while niall stayed yelling for the nurse and the rest is a blur.

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