My Heros One Direction

Hi im Macy i'm 17yrs old my full name is Macy Cullens im from london and i get bullied alot but im used to it im sorta girly sorta tomboy but i dont wanna ruin your reading so WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!


11. Meeting Breanna

   Macy's pov

   Faith said she wants me to meet her other best friend Breanna i guess im excited. "hey im breanna and in guessing your Macy? Faith has told me so much about you and she was right your really beautiful" "thank you and you are to" " no im not you to look like models when i look like a fatass like max nathan jay tom siva said that im and elephant and im a worthless peice of shit i am!!!! " sorry she can be really negative" " its ok ive done it to"

  Louis's pov

   Macy invited me and niall over to her house she wants us to meet some people along with Ashton from 5SOS her boyfriend and hes awesome!!! So we get there and a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS BRUNETTE answers the door " hey im louis and your?" "faith" "thats beautiful"

   Niall's pov

   we get to Macys' house and look on the couch to see a blonde blue eyed babe sitting there next Macy "hey im niall" "im breanna nice to meet you" "do you have a boyfriend?" "no" "meet me in times square at 9 sharp" "ok" DAMN SHE WAS HOT AND BEAUTIFUL I WANT HER TO BE MINE ALL MINE!!!!! MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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