Nothing ever is as it seem. She wanted him, He wanted her, they were all friends right? Right?
All i know is at the end, no one is ever happy.


1. Right Now

"Don't you ever judge a book by it's cover, or the first pages."


Natural beauty, they say, the popular airhead with bleached blonde hair. That's how they described me, an airhead who got straight A's and graduated early. But, still she's blonde so labels must apply. Most people call me Cas, Case, Sal, etc. Some even call me Sam, as a joke I suppose.

Of course the real name is Cassandra, nine letters, three of which I lack, a s s.

But none of that matters anymore, on this night my best friend Katie and I are celebrating- and by celebrating I mean rewatching Season one of Supernatural for the sixth time.

And now that we are graduating it's time to move to London and pursue that career of a model, the image every family member drilled into my head.

Why London? Well you can thank that silly band that stole my heart and social life at a young age. Yeah, One Direction, and honestly I regret nothing. Okay maybe I regret flashing them during the WWA concert, besides that I regret nothing.

Our flight is tomorrow morning and I'd be lying if I told you I was full of joy and excitement. I'm scared out of my wits, and my fear of planes and heights don't help either. All day Katie hasn't shut up about the move and the fact that the lads are in London for their long break doesn't help. Then again why would they stay in a small city town place or all together if I might add? Does that even make sense, do I even make sense?

I'm trying to plan everything that has to be done and watch Supernatural at the same time but of course someone has to be a bitch and ruin everything.

"Fucktard, pay attention to me, I'm bored, love me" Katie loudly whines as if I'm in the room across from her, not a foot away. She irritates me sometimes, "Shut up, I'm trying to watch my shows" I groaned, even though I've watch this season already. "The girl kills herself when she looks in the goddamn mirror, we already know this" she whined again "I did not graduate early this year to watch Supernatural on New Year's Eve" typical, I knew she'd say that. As always Katie has to be the fun one, partying hard and going out with people. Ew, I think I threw up a bit in my mouth.

But she did just turn 20, wow I have low intellectual friends. I'm actually a sweetheart, honestly I'm not this mean.

"Look if it makes you feel better I asked Zeke to come over and drop some beer off. I'm not going to drag you in the morning like last times party." She rolled her eyes, I knew she'd agree. She fancies Zeke if anything, but I'm the type to ignore the obvious signs and act as if nothing is happening in hopes of sparing the awkward moments.

"Zeke knows people, why can't we just go out and party with him!" No. "I'm not going to go out. We always watch Supernatural on Saturdays. Dammit Katie, I hate people and you know this" I sat deeper into the couch and crossed my arms. Now I am nineteen, this is not a tantrum, I'm a grown teapot.

She continued to roll her eyes, "fine when's he going to get here?" Knowing Zeke he'd be here in less than five minutes, he's whipped, I have him whipped. And I'm proud to say that.

We were getting into the episode where Sam was trying to find Bloody Mary in one of the many mirrors and just as he turns around to find her, someone starts banging on the door. I screamed, jumping into Katie and holding her tight as she laughs at me. See, who's the the ass face now?

She shrugs me off to greet Zeke at the door while I continue to watch the rest of the episode then start a new one. Zeke hands me a can then sits between us.

"Supernatural night, you just graduated finally and you want to watch this instead of going out?" I'm sure that question wasn't for me, the only time I go out is for work and school, I'm basically pale. Sun is not my friend.

Katie chuckles not wanting to answer that question and get me mad. I don't understand why he's here, Zeke has older, cooler, friends. I met him because of them. He has his 'connections' to get what he wants. Why would he want to spend New Years with us? I always thought he was like a drug dealer but a really nice one who sells his stuff in cute bottles.

After two episodes and constant arguing about how frustrating this goddamn show is, we counted down the seconds and jumped on the couch celebrating another year of being alive, yay life. We just finished episode Nine of Season 1 when Katie started saying tomorrow is going to be hell.

"Zeke it's 3 in the morning, get out I need beauty sleep" Katie yawned, we have to wake up in two hours, two hours. He chuckled before giving us a big hug and saying if we don't visit he'll come and kidnap us. After he left Katie kissed me goodnight and I fake gagged, physical contact is a no-no. One of the many reasons why I never let anyone kiss me, or even near my face.

Katie was snoring and I could hear her from the living room, with her door closed. I decided not to sleep, what's the point in sleeping for an hour?

The last song I listened to before my alarm went of was Right Now, que tears and over dramatic feels.

I woke Katie up before getting in the shower. After I got out I ran into my room getting into my sweats and a band shirt. Quickly put my Converses on and helped Katie pack up the moving van. After she got dressed and made me a coffee, praise her she is my queen for that, we got in my truck with the moving guys following us to the airport. Katie set everything up; how I don't know. But I don't think I could have done this without her.

Katie is a horrible driver if I wasn't so tired I would have driven myself, but I didn't and now I have to listen to her hip-hop/rap music. Not really something I want to hear at 4 in the morning.

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