Irish heart

Bella is just an average teenager who lives in Georgia . One day Niall hora. Walks into her life . A tragic love story or a happily ever after ?


1. average day .

Beep beep beep . I wake up and look over at my alarm clock . Oh how I would love to hit snooze and avoid this boring Monday , but I can't so I get up and begin to get ready . I put on my miss me jeans , my white lace holister shirt and my black toms . I put on some eyeliner and mascara and head down the stairs . "Hey dear ." My mom says as i appear from the door way . "Hey mom " I reply . "I have to go mom or I'll be late !" "Ok bye" mom says . "Bye " I say . I walk out thedoor and get into my pick up .

**authors note** here is just a little bit I'm going to sleep but will updat tomorrow (:

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