the story of my life

charlet is just a abnormal 17 year old girl. her life was going great.... well besides everyone calling her a geek what will happen when she gets a new neighbor who messes her life a bit. what will happen when someone from her past come back and bites her on the bum. or will there be death in the story...... who knows?


15. hospital

harry p.o.v

i was really annoyed when charlet left crying. i hoped she walked home because you should never drive while your crying. " niall what the hell where you thinking" i asked pretty pissed off "mate its not what it s-" he got cut of by my phone. i cheeked the caller ID but it just said private. i clicked the answer button and tried to stay calm "hello" i said wondering who it was, "is this Mr harry styles" the voice on the other line asked, "yes?" i replied with confusion. "well harry there has been an accented  with a young girl called charlet, she is in hospital and being treated by a doctor, and if you are wondering how we got your number, is you where the recent caller on her phone." all of me shut down after i herd that all i could say was "i's... she ....o..k" i stuttered out "the doctors are still in the apportion room with her and i haven't received any information on how she is doing" the lady said to me trying to calm me down "oh... OK i'm coming right now" i replied slightly panicking at the same time "well she has not finished yet so you cant see her until she is finished in the operation room, and the doctors have checked on her" " OK thanks for calling" i replied  thanking her "that's OK" with that i hanged up the phone. "was that about charlet" niall asked worried, "why do you care" i said harshly but i was really mad. i ran out of the cinemas and straight into my car to drive to the hospital. i hope she is OK....god i miss her ... her touch..her voice...oh no i think i'm falling for her.


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