the story of my life

charlet is just a abnormal 17 year old girl. her life was going great.... well besides everyone calling her a geek what will happen when she gets a new neighbor who messes her life a bit. what will happen when someone from her past come back and bites her on the bum. or will there be death in the story...... who knows?


14. forever crying part 2

harry's p.o.v 

charlet came running out of the bathroom boiling her eyes out. she ran straight into my arms, "shh whats wrong" i whispers into her ear. "nia-lil-kiss" she stuttered "that bastard" i whispered really angrily i know charlet really likes niall, and niall feels the same way, but now i'm not to Shaw what to think about that one. at that moment niall came rushing over to us, "dude back off i don't think charlet wants to see you right now" i blued out really annoyed " well its none of your business" he practically yelled" "well i'm just trying to support a friend" "stop" charlet yelled "and i just want to go home". she stormed off with tears in her eyes. "no she cant drive in this condition" i yelled.

charlets p.o.v

i got in the car and started driving i knew i shouldn't drive in the condition i'm in but i just wanted to get out of here. i was driving when suddenly my eyes went all blurry from the tears  i couldn't see a thing so i stooped the car, when i did i herd a horn of a truck followed by a huge impact on the side of my whole body. then i could see white and only white at this moment i knew it is all over.


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