the story of my life

charlet is just a abnormal 17 year old girl. her life was going great.... well besides everyone calling her a geek what will happen when she gets a new neighbor who messes her life a bit. what will happen when someone from her past come back and bites her on the bum. or will there be death in the story...... who knows?


8. #AN important#

sorry but i just wanted to make a authors not because of the recently updated cover i have to give major credit to mybestfriendisapenguin_xX because she designed the cover she is so talented and she will be in the movell A BIG PART TO every time i see the cover i get goosebumps its just sooooooo good so yeah hope you'll enjoying the story sorry again btw if you have any questions on anything please ask i don't bit :) luv yall my little potatoes. :)

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